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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Post: Search Committee Grumblings

When you first look at the search committee, you may exclaim, "Hey, there's no football people on that list!  This will be a disaster."

Don't hyperventilate, this isn't an issue.  Search committees are put together to mollify special interests.  Ask yourself who are the special interests, by which I mean those outside of the football program, who are most likely to get bent out of shape by the new coach.  The answer: the academic side of the University and high-level donors.  Guess who's makes up the committee; academics and high-level donors.

They're included to give them the illusion of influence.  At the end of the day, I have no doubt that Mike Bohn will hire who Mike Bohn wants to hire.  His job is basically on the line, why would he put his future employment in the hands of some random committee.

Today, Woody Paige mentioned that we already had a list of 22 potential head coaches.  If the committee is so damn important, why is there already a list?  It's a side show, a way of mollifying people who, when properly motivated, could spike the process.  Get them "involved" in the process and they can't run to the press with dissenting opinions.  It's called politics.  Fuckin-a people, we're looking like a bunch of rubes freaking out over this.

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Rico said...

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