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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Grab Bag: *facepalm*

Sigh.... is it weird that at halftime I thought we'd blow that lead?  FYI, today's bag will be abbreviated; a Baylor wrap, and some quick thoughts on the Pro Bowl.  The weather is nasty, and real work will take precedence.

Follow below for today's (weather shortened) Bag...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Site News: New Logo is live!

The new logo is finished!  Bask in its awesomeness!  Big thanks to my buddy Cameron and his brother for putting this together for me.  Fucking fantastic effort!

Friday Beer Post: My go-to beers

In basketball you have go-to players.  The guys you know will get the ball on key possessions when the team needs a bucket.  Since I'm a lazy couch potato, I have go-to beers.  As a creature of habit, when I'm in certain situations I tend to go with what I know and like.  It's not even necessarily a taste thing; sometime you just go with what you've always had.  Here are a few of my must have beers in the corresponding situations.

Buffs Gameday - Buff Gold, Boulder Beer - I'll admit, if there wasn't a buffalo on the label I'd have found a different beer by now.  It's shallow, to be sure, but marketing sometimes works on me.  Either way, the beer is decent, and it's a must for me on a gameday.  I make no apologies.  Buff Gold is a rather average (maybe even below-average) gold ale, and is only something I drink out of tradition.

Victory Cigar - Alaskan Amber, Alaskan Brewing - It's become a tradition for me and a few friends to enjoy a victory cigar after every home football win and any big home basketball wins (for example, victory cigar after Mizzou, but not Okie St).  With that cigar, I usually want to enjoy a manhattan, but if I go the beer route, I'll always take an Alaskan Amber.  The place I go, Johnny's Cigars, has a limited beer selection, but anything Alaskan is enjoyable, and their staple Amber is fantastic.
An Alaskan Amber with a victory cigar means the Buffs just did well.

Random trip to the Dark Horse - Hazed and Infused, Boulder Beer - This goes way back to the days when I may or may not have been drinking at the Horse while under 21 (*cough*, *cough*).  Hazed was the first American Pale Ale I ever tasted, and I've stuck with that beer paired with that location ever since.  On my first tasting, I was amazed with the flavor and aroma dry-hopping can impart on beer.  That dry-hopped nature got me hooked on the first sip, and Hazed has stayed a personal favorite ever since.

Playing a game of softball - Upslope Pale Ale, Upslope Brewing - On nights when I bring beer for my softball team (go Rangers!), I want to bring something a whole hell of a lot better than the Light Lagers that are so un-Godly popular.  Since no bottles are allowed at the fields, I have to find something in a can.  Last year, that beer was Upslope's staple Pale Ale.  Their use of Patagonia hops brings a flavor that is unique to the brewery, and one I'm fascinated with.  It's perfect for quenching my thirst after running the bases.
Canned beers are perfect for outdoor activities, and this Pale Ale does the trick for softball.

Beer-pong - Blue Moon (in a can), Coors Brewing -  I mentioned this last week, but my official beer pong beer is Blue Moon (in a can).  It's considered heresy amongst some beer geeks to play pong, but beer is all about having a good time, and what's better than a random game of pong with friends?  I'm not talking cut throat, frat-house tournaments here, it's about enjoying a Friday evening.  I think it's the perfect pong beer; it's got enough flavor to remind me that I'm actually drinking beer, without being too heavy to drink after a game or two.  I like to keep a few oranges on hand, and drip a little juice in each cup before consuming; thereby enhancing the belgian white's distinct orange-backed flavor.

Dinner with friends - Anything from Stone Brewing -  I was a passionate Stone fan long before this guy started working there.  It certainly doesn't hurt "knowing a guy" now.  Stone's impressive Arrogant Bastard has long been my favorite beer on the planet.  Intense, hoppy, and, above all else, arrogant, I'm happy to have an AB in just about any situation; it's my ultimate "go-to" beer.  Other stuff from Stone, like their IPA or their fantastically dark Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, are also very welcome at my table when entertaining or visiting friends for dinner.
AB is my ultimate go-to beer.

Happy Friday!

Quick-Post: Cory Higgins playing through pain

 Interesting article in the Post yesterday.  It details all of the bumps and bruises that Cory Higgins has been playing through this season.  (BTW, I had no idea this was going on.  Concussion?  Bruised kidney?  Where was I when this happened?)  Cory's the rock that the program is built upon right now, and it's awesome that that rock goes out there every night at battles his ass off, regardless of how he's feeling.  He's a great example for the younger talent.

Key quote: "It wasn't an easy thing, but I felt like I battled through it the best that I could, and I felt like I was still helping the team some way even if it wasn't scoring."  Could you ask for anything more from a key player battling through some injury problems?

If I was a lot meaner, I'd be saying something about Jay Cutler learning a thing or two about playing through pain right about now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quick-Post: Big 8 Family Portrait

The always entertaining "Every Day Should be Saturday" blog gives us this link today.  It leads to cool piece on Uniwatch full of awesome 1969 anthropomorphic renderings of college football mascots.  These being from the 1969, CU is included in the "Big 8" picture. 

It's fun to see this sort of thing, especially in the light of the conference switch.  We've been associated with the other 7 teams in the postcard for over 50 years, and us leaving is "breaking up the family."  I'm not saying I'm going to miss them, I'm just saying that its a little hard to see all the history with those schools end.

I realize I'm no where near as creative or funny as the guys at EDSBS, but, after spending an inordinate amount of time looking at the portrait, I've decided that this is a good interpretation of the renderings:

CU:  The tough, noble Buffalo is pissed off because the others "harshed my buzz, dude."  As a result he's headed west where people "totally get it, man."

Iowa State: It looks to me as if the bird is about to cry.  No one cares about him, and no one ever will.  "Won't someone pay attention to me, please?  I swear I'll never cause a fuss, just include me and I'll be happy."

Kansas:  The circus chicken is obviously on cocaine experimenting with cocaine and meth to pass the dreary months until basketball season.  He's also thinking of murdering the Tiger "John Brown-style" as an act of revenge. 

Kansas State:  The Wildcat definitely looks mentally challenged.  Considering the low admission standards in Manhattan, I'm not surprised that they would let a retarded wild animal in. 

Missouri: The Tiger is pissed off at the world, and no one knows why.  He claims it's about getting consistently "cheated" out of football games; something about a kicked ball and an extra down.  As a result he's grabbed his football and is going home.

Nebraska: The look of utter befuddlement is perfect.  Not only can you tell that the husker is an in-bred dolt, but an abnormally dumb one at that.  He's also nervously looking at the Buffalo, knowing that in 32 years that Buffalo will gore the shit out of him.  He's trying way too hard to remain focused on the Sooner, resulting in his cross-eyed look, but knows deep down in his heart that the Buffalo is his true rival.  I'm also worried about what he's about to do with that ear of corn...

Oklahoma: Oblivious to the stupid hick on his left, the mostly racist and historically incorrect version of the Sooner is staring longingly at the SWC family portrait, waiting for the day when UT will come to save it from the hell of having to play with the Husker every year.  He's absolutely unconcerned about the "Seven Dwarfs" surrounding him.

Oklahoma State:  Is constantly looking at the disinterested Sooner for approval.  Like an annoying terrier returning a tennis ball.  "I did good, right?  Hey watch this, I can do it even better this time.  Hey, come on, you're not even watching!"

Baylor Basketball Preview

The Buffs will travel to Waco, TX for the final time to take on the Baylor Bears.  The Bears were a team I really liked in the preseason; unfortunately for their fans, the quality of last year's Elite 8 run looks to be behind the program as they've stumbled against stronger competition this year.  CU is looking to regain some of the magic that carried them a few weeks back to a quick 3-0 conference start.  The Battle of 3-3 Big XII teams tips off at 11:30 AM Saturday morning.  Once again, the game will be broadcast on Attitude 2.
Relphorde and the boys look to drive past Baylor Saturday morning.  From: The BDC

As this marks the final time the men's team will face off with Baylor in regular season play, it also marks my final opportunity to say farewell to the lone private school in the conference.  Baylor has always seemed out of place in the Big XII.  They were forced placement in the conference when the old SWC broke up, and I'm sure most everyone would admit that Arkansas or TCU would've made a more intriguing entrant into the conference than the often-time lowly Bears.  Pointing this out to any Baylor alum will immediately start a war of words.

It's no small point that most Baylor fans are sensitive about their place amongst their rivals; afterall, they owe their inclusion not to merit but back-door Texas politics.  That same politics (dirty tricks, back-room deals, big-wig pressure, etc.) saved them again as they were one of the leading voices trying to keep some version of the Big XII together (or at least stick with Texas and the rest of the Big XII South teams).  Lucky to have survived the conference break-up (I'd have put money on them ending up in Conference USA) they're probably the only remaining non-UT Big XII school to be happy to be where they are next year (Iowa St is just trying to be as quiet as possible, hoping to find a good spot purely from some other big conference taking pity on them).

So farewell, Baylor; I hope you are able to come up with another slimy political plan to save your ass when UT morphs into mecha-UT in a few years.

Click below for my Preview

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kansas wrap

Last night the 3rd largest crowd in CEC history saw a desperate Buffs comeback fall short.  Even with the level of effort that CU had shown all night, I didn't feel that CU should've been in the game, yet there they were within reach in the games final moments.  I say that because of how hot and how lucky CU needed to be in the second half to stay close.  With Kansas maintaining a +14 rebounding edge, and a 21 to 2 second-chance points edge, the Buffs had to shoot a blazingly hot 9-13 from 3 even to keep pace.  Throw in Josh Selby's late first half injury (which kept him off the court and off the board in the 2nd half), and Levi's lucky charge call in the waning seconds, and it was just enough to keep CU within reach.  When you're playing catchup all night, it's always going to be difficult to win.
CU fought hard, but just couldn't complete the comeback against the Jayhawks.  From: the BDC\

There are still a lot of positives to take from the game.  I never want to talk about moral victories, but every game, win or lose, provides potential growth for the entire team.  It was good to see Tomlinson get back to scoring a bit; when he is more assertive offensively, and scoring points, he keeps the defenders honest, opening up more scoring lanes for his teammates.  It thought overall the tandem of Relphorde, Dufault, and Roberson did a good job with the Morris twins;  they were held under their scoring average and around their rebounding average.  Turnovers got back to the low levels that I expect them to be; If CU could've just grabbed a few of those loose balls that slipped through their fingers, the game probably would've been different.

I'd love to be able to say that I thought CU would be able to bring this level of effort with them on the road this weekend in Waco, but I fear they're in for an emotional letdown after playing that hard and still falling short.  CU will just have to remain focused and not let the lesser atmosphere in Texas on Saturday keep them from playing the way they did last night.


A quick shout out to the students.  When I arrived at the CEC an hour before tipoff, I was shocked, SHOCKED I say, to see an already full student section.  The kids showed up early, and were ready to go well before tip off.  They even successfully kicked out the KU kids who tried to invade (something they hadn't done in previous years).  All we have to do now is teach them how to cheer at a basketball game; I kept thinking that they were waiting for 3rd down to bring out the keys and turn up the volume.
Real good to see the energy from the students there early last night.  From: the BDC

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kansas Basketball Preview #1

I look forward to this game every season; it's both practical and personal.  Practical: KU is usually hovering near the top-10 and in contention for not only the Big XII crown but the National title as well, and it's always good to see a top-flight team play regardless of the situation.  Personal: I had a very good high school friend go to KU, amping the usually contentious nature of the game up in my eyes.

Regardless of how you view this rivalry, you can't help but get caught up in a crowd filled with, more often than not, more enemy fans than CU fans.  It pisses me off each year to see all of that Blue and Red filling our stadium, and when they start the Rock Chalk chant, it makes my blood boil.  I am also aware of the "CU fans" who show up each year in KU colors; there is a special layer of hell reserved both for them, and any Buff fan who sells their ticket to someone wearing Red and Blue. It would please me nothing more than to send the vaunted Jayhawks, and their 3,000+ traveling party, back to Lawrence with their tails between their legs.

My expectations for the home end of this series was ruined my freshmen year when David Harrison, Michel Morandis, Blair Wilson, and Stephane Pelle beat the Kirk Heinrich-lead Jayhawks 60-59 at the CEC.  I cried while playing the alma mater, and I'm man enough to admit it.  A naive little freshman from out of state, I thought those good times would continue, but CU has failed to beat KU in each of the last 15 meetings (eek). The Buffs will hit the court tonight not only in hopes of changing that, but also halting their 2-game down turn that has turned the sweet start to conference play slightly sour.  KU comes in fresh off of a loss to a strong Texas squad in Lawrence; UT broke KU's 69-game home winning streak in that game.

In each of the past 2 years CU has nearly shocked the Jayhawks.  2 years ago CU mounted a furious second half comeback, holding KU without a FG for over 7 minutes at one point, to cut the lead to 2.  Ultimately, the Buffs fell, but not before scaring the crap out of highly ranked Kansas in Lawrence.  Last year, the scare came at home.  An obviously improved Buffalo team had the final shot with the game tied at 60; unfortunately, that shot was an unusually poor effort from Cory Higgins, and CU stumbled in overtime.  Maybe this year the Buffs finally breakthrough and get the win they've been so closely denied over the past 2 seasons.
CU has come close over the last two seasons, nearly bottling up the tougher Jayhawks.

Tip off is at 6pm, so you may want to get off of work early to avoid traffic.  The game will be shown on Altitude 2 (bleh); it'd probably be on the deuce if not for that Australian Open coverage everybody is dying to watch.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Post: On Tad Boyle's honesty

I've been continually impressed by Coach Boyle's honesty, both with the media and his team.  Prior to the Oklahoma game he made no bones about the fact that CU needed the game for March positioning.  This cry was echoed by the team, and every indication made it seem like the team knew that a re-hash of the struggles against Nebraska was unacceptable if they wanted to make the dance.

This is normally a big no-no for coaches.  While you may think like that, you're never supposed to be honest to that extent.  A coach is just supposed to sit in front of the media and spout platitudes like every game is important only in and of itself.  Boyle's acknowledgment of the larger picture was refreshing.  Some may say that this lead to a tight CU squad blowing a winnable game to a poor Oklahoma team; I would counter by saying that if the team can't get over its nerves for a January game against a below-average team, then it has no hope come March.  In a way I think it was good for Boyle to test his kids in such a way; now he knows what he's dealing with.

Boyle continued with his honest style today by admitting that the team's performance over the last week "let our fans down," and that CU needs to get back on track to "reward them."  Boyle is from Colorado, and he knows just how hard it is to get the stoners, the ski-bums, and the Bronco-slobs to pay attention to a college basketball program in January, and he realizes how damaging those two performances last week may ultimately end up being.  He realizes the larger picture of his job; and it's not just to win games this year and occasionally make a headline or two.  It's a constant battle to keep the fans engaged, and it can often be an uphill climb to get the program the respect it sometimes deserves.  He was brought in to re-work the way Colorado thinks about college hoops, and back-to-back road losses to weak teams doesn't help that cause.  His honesty is, again, refreshing; I'm really starting to like this guy, win or lose.

Monday Grab Bag: OH NO, WE SUCK AGAIN

Not a good weekend for me.  First CU loses, and then the Bears finally prove to be "who we thought they were."  Hell, even my first attempt at a cheesecake came out all fucked up this weekend.  Just overall bad Juju.  In the bag today I'll take a look at the CU and Bears losses, size up CU's remaining Tourney hopes, quickly glance at the Superbowl match-up, and, to wash away the losing taste in my mouth, briefly touch on Soxfest.

Click Below for the bag....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick Post: props to Mr Pfaff

In perusing the wares over at I came across their weekly picks column for the coming week.  I'd like to congratulate contributor Evan Pfaff for being the only writer with the cajones to pick the Buffs to beat KU this week.  I wonder if I'll display the same come my preview next week...

Any implications that I'm looking past OU are completely unfounded...

Friday Beer Post: Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.

I apologize in advance...

I really can't believe what I'm writing; I've actually found one of the cheap product gimmicks of the Big-3 brewers to be useful.  Over the last few years the triumvirate of brewing evil, Coors, their partners in crime Miller, and Budweiser, have gone through plenty of cheap ploys to try and get more people to try their swill.  Can linings that "seal in flavor," logos that "turn blue when it's cold," aluminum bottles, "rifled" bottles to pour better, etc.  Each more pathetic and insulting than the last, and none having anything to do with making you beer experience any better.  As a consumer, frankly, they all pissed me off.

However, now, I think they might have fallen into something worthwhile.  The MillerCoors group have been producing, for some time now, "home draft" versions of their most popular beers.  This past weekend, for a casual night of beer pong (yes even us beer snobs occasionally play pong), the roomates and I grabbed one of the Coors Light varieties to go along with our usual pong-playing fare (for the record, Coors' Blue Moon in a can is my pong beer of choice).  I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the output.
I may feel dirty for talking about it, but I kind of liked the whole "home draft" thing.

Home drafts (a couple of liters of beer with a built in CO2 canister) have been around for a few years now.  Heineken's has been the most prevalent.  Since I don't like Heineken, I've mostly stayed away.  Up to this point, I had no idea that they actually kind of worked.  Our thing of CL stayed fresh for days after, and still tasted about as good as a light beer from a major brewery can.  The first pours were a little foam heavy, but it settled down, and it was mostly an enjoyable experience.  For $15 bucks, it wasn't that bad of deal.  There are 1.5 gallons in the thing, which comes out to 16 12-oz beers.

Obviously the whole "home draft" thing is a fad for people too lazy to set up a keg-erator, and not real practical for home consumption.  However, on game days next fall, they might prove useful.  There's nothing to keep when you're done, and you can just trash everything when finished (thanks for taking another hit for our convenience, Earth!).  If you've got a smaller tailgate, this might be a convenient product.

Now that that's out of my system, I promise that next week I'll get back to beer worth tasting.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oklahoma Basketball Preview

I hope the team is pissed.  I hope they're insulted by the way they performed.  I hope they're fucking ready to light it up.  They're a better offensive team than 67 points, and I feel a better defense than allowing 56.6% shooting, and I hope they're ready to prove it Saturday morning.   The Buffs are heading to Norman for the final time, looking to erase any memory of the 12 point loss in Lincoln Tuesday night.  Fortunately for them, this year's version of the OU Sooners is the continuance of a downward spiral since Blake Griffin bolted for the NBA, and is, seemingly, ready to be beat.  Action will start at 11:30 in the AM on Saturday from the Loyd Noble Center in Norman, OK.  You can watch it on Altitude (Big XII Network) or ESPN3 (the tres).
CU just has to put that lousy performance behind them, and focus on righting the ship against the woeful Sooners.  From: The Post

I don't want to call this game a must win; it's far too early for that.  Should CU lose Saturday morning, but sweep KU, UT, and A&M at home, all will be forgiven.  However, it's best not to have to rely on such a turn of events to make the Tournament.  Certainly CU's road to the dance is much smoother with a win @OU than without one.  Additionally, a loss here and the bandwagon may just breakdown, and it could be me and 6,000 of my closest KU friends at the game next Tuesday.  To be sure, the game Saturday morning isn't season critical, but it's damn important in many respects.

This game will also mark the final time the men's team plays OU in regular season play, and so it will mark my farewell to the Sooners.  I touched on my relationship with the other "Big Red" back in October when I wrote my football preview, and I wouldn't want to spoil the vitriol and hatred spewed in that post by re-hashing my history with that school (Although I do have a good story about how I managed to piss their entire basketball band off.  Just keep playing "Boomer Sooner" guys, I'm sure it'll eventually change into a song worth hearing.).  I will simply say: good riddance OU, I hope you enjoy taking it from UT for the next few years while they plan to unceremoniously dump you at the curb for independent status and buckets of cash.

Click Below for my Preview 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quick Post: Eeeek! Kill it with fire!

Check out these pictures of Al Davis at his press conference yesterday.  I'd advise against it if you're about to eat something.

Quick Post: How quickly we forget

For the second time in as many days I find myself reading a Buffs Basketball article mentioning that Coach Boyle is the first CU coach since Henry Iba in 1933-34 to win his first 3 conference games.  That stat is slightly misleading.  While Iba did win his first 3 games in the Rocky Mountain Conference in the 1933-34 season, he isn't the last CU coach to kick-start his conference career in such fashion.

Good Ole Ricardo Patton was in his first year as full-time CU head coach in the 1996-97 season (aka "the Billups Year") when CU ran to a 6-0 conference start.  The qualifier in this case is full-time.  He served as interim head coach for a stint the previous year before being having the interim tag ripped off just prior to the final Big 8 conference tournament in '96.  I feel that his stint as interim and the lone conference tournament game don't count.  As interim coach he wasn't technically the head coach, and that lone conference tourney game (a blowout loss to Kansas) wasn't a regular-season contest.

That's admittedly mostly horseshit, but I'm admittedly grumpy today.  I also feel that RP deserves his due; he's became a quasi-pariah over his final season in Boulder, but you have to recognize the coach that gave CU 3 of it's 4 20+ win seasons, and 2 of its 8 Tournament appearances.

Husker Wrap-up

Woof, losing sucks.  It's especially unpalatable when it's to the fucking corn.  I realize the Buffs weren't going to go 16-0 in conference, or anything close to that, but that one was tough to watch last night.  It was a game of conference firsts for the Buffs, and not particularly good ones: not only was it the first conference loss, but it also was the first conference game that CU was out-rebounded, the first time they've allowed a conference opponent to shoot over 50%, and the first time CU has shot fewer than 10 free throws in a game since early December.  Bad defense, poor rebounding, and no free throw shooting to make up for it: that's a disaster waiting to happen.

More than anything else, defense (and rebounding off of the resulting misses) paved the way for the 3-0 in-conference start.  The level of defense and rebounding that was present in those first 3 games was near non-existent last night.  I knew the size of the Husker front court would hurt us (Nebraska being the first conference opponent with regular contributors over 6-9), but there were so many easy looks inside that it was flat painful to watch.  If Nebraska's fat dude (Almeida) didn't miss 2 easy looks, and get called for 3 stupid travels, then the score would've been much worse.  Time after time the Husker offense would dump the ball down to their forward, and CU would seem helpless to defend them.  This helped to allow the Huskers to shoot an astonishing 56.6% from the field; with that many makes, no wonder CU was outrebounded.
It was a frustrating game to watch for everyone.  From: the Post

The lack of free throws (7 makes on a paltry 9 attempts) was another mind-boggling stat I took from last night's game.  CU's efficiency at the line is such a key component to the offense that it's rather surprising that we didn't try and find more ways to get to the line.  You have to go back to the Citadel game on Dec 17th to find the last time CU shot fewer than 20 times from the line; you have to go even farther back, to Dec 4th and the Oregon State game, to find the last time CU shot fewer than 10.  It's such a focal point that playing that game last night, with no free throw attempts in the first half, and only 9 in the second, was like playing the game with one hand tied behind CU's back.  Hell, Cory Higgins, usually the master of finding way to get to the line, didn't even attempt one last night.

You can complain about a lack of calls on dribble-drive all you want, but CU has to be able to compensate when the refs are keeping the whistles in their pockets.  Nebraska did a great job of routinely getting CU out of rhythm, forcing outside jumpers, and denying lane penetration.  I had to agree with ESPN2 analyst Doug Gottlieb when he said that we looked afraid to drive to the rack on Nebraska.  Refs will typically reward offensive assertiveness, and CU showed none of that last night.
The Huskers were just too strong inside last night.  From: the Post

Oh well, the season continues.  CU is still on track to finish the pre-Kansas portion of their schedule 4-1, a record which I predicted would put them in position to make the Tournament.  The Buffs just need to regroup and focus on the upcoming trip to Oklahoma.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Post: Boyle on Husker's D

Found this on the Post's website.  It's a quick little blurb on what Coach Boyle sees as the keys to Nebraska's killer defense.  The money quote: “They just do not beat themselves defensively,” Boyle added. “If you score on Nebraska, you made a basket. They didn’t give you a basket.”

There won't be any gifts tonight; CU will have to earn it on every possession.  It's a good thing this team is used to that, having earned every basket in a scratch-and-claw comeback win over OSU 3 days ago...

Hey, Look! I'm featured at Allbuffs!

The supercool-fantastic-awesome guys over at AllBuffs are giving me a little publicity.  I'm even on the front page!  Thanks to Absinthe and TheJunta for putting this together!

Click here to head over there and read my interview; there's another link here with a discussion thread going.  There's also a poll where you can vote over who gives better interview: me or MontanaBuff from CUatthegame (I voted for him, FWIW). In the interview I talk about how I got hooked on CU sports, how I stay motivated, and even share a completely wrong prediction about the K-State game! 

Nebraska Basketball Preview #1

It's hate week again!  The time has finally come to put Lincoln, NE in the collective rear-view mirror of Buffs Nation.  This trip, along with the Women's final visit in March and a few visits from the track team, marks the end of the Lincoln portion of the long-standing rivalry with the Huskers.  While mostly a football creation, the rivalry means something to me in every sport, and I always like to see CU take it to Nebraska.

This season's first matchup, brings along with it something rather unusual for CU-Nebraska in basketball: greater implications.  Not only are the Buffs legitimately tied for the conference lead, but I fear that, should CU fall tonight, much of the goodwill built up among the national press and the victory-starved fanbase may disappear.  It's a constant struggle for respect for this Buffs basketball team, and while they haven't been fluking their way to their 3-0 in conference start, that may very well become the impression should they drop the game to the Huskers tonight (a program with even less year-to-year national respect than CU).  It's an unfortunate reality since Nebraska is no pushover this year.  I may not agree with in saying that they are a top-40 team, but I recognize their feisty nature, and I hope CU brings their best efforts this evening.

CU comes in hoping to continue the good mojo that's driven them to their best start in 14 years.  Nebraska hopes to finally breakthrough against a good opponent, as they are coming off of scaring the bejesus out of KU (in Lawrence,  mind you) where the Huskers lead most of the game before falling in the end.  Make sure you tell the boss that you're leaving work early, 'cause CU hoops hits the air tonight at 5pm MT on the Deuce (ESPN2).  I know there is a watch party at Blake Street Tavern in Denver that I won't be able to make, but it sounds like fun if you're looking for a place to watch the game.  However you consume the game this evening, make sure you click through to read my full Husker preview. 
Burks and the boys look to keep the good times rolling in their final trip to Lincoln.

Click Below for the Preview

Monday, January 17, 2011

UPDATED: Quick Post: Not Ranked

If you were wondering, we're # 32 in the AP coaches poll, receiving 23 points.  Coaches AP Poll will be released later, but I expect similar results.

UPDATE: AP has us at 30th, receiving 78 points.  Also of note: K-State dropped out of the rankings and Costal Carolina continues to get a vote.

Monday Grab Bag: OSU wrap and look ahead

A full Coors Events Center is my favorite type of Coors Events Center.  It was awesome to see and feel a sold-out crowd cheering on the boys Saturday morning.  With its 3-0 start he team has taken its first steps towards a spectacular year, but there are still 13 conference games to go.  Today in the bag I'll dissect the OSU game and look ahead to an integral and difficult 2-game road trip.
It's another win to celebrate for Cory and the boys, but there are still 13 games to go.  From: the Post

Click below for the fun...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Post: New Logo!

Last week I asked a friend from work to sketch out a few ideas for a logo for this blog.  He came through with an awesome look.  Coming soon I'll have something like this up and rolling:

How frickin' awesome is that?  Look at that thing, it makes all other blog logos tremble in fear.  It's got all the CU colors, (black, gold, and silver) involved in some way, and it keeps the night-time, lone buffalo motif rollin'.  What's really cool is that it incorporates the rough, stylized outline of a basketball, keeping the "Only Buff Basketball Blog in the World" theme going.

Big thanks go out to my buddy Cameron for helping me out with this.  Next, we'll look to get some computerized design elements put together to make this thing look real sweet.

Friday Beer Post: A Governor who knows a thing or two about beer

I'm going to keep this short since no one reading this wants to talk politics.  I would be remiss if I didn't note the inauguration of renowned brewer-businessman John Hickenlooper to the Governor's post here in Colorado.  Governor Hick was the co-founder of the Wynkoop Brewing Company back in 1988 before starting his successful political career.  If you haven't been to the Wynkoop in LoDo, located near Union Station and 3 blocks from Coors Field, I highly suggest you make a trip; they make some great brews (Rail Yard is a good intro-beer to what they have to offer) and have a pretty damn awesome food menu.

The Governor highlighted his inauguration by arriving in true brewer style: seated atop a beer wagon from Wynkoop containing kegs of a specialty brew called, of course, Hickenlooper's Inagurale (I get jokes).  Not content with giving his former brewery mates the sole honor of serving the inaugural event, the Governor had beer from all corners of the Colorado brewing community on tap at the party.  20 brews in total, all brewed in Colorado, were featured at the event.
(The Governor, pulling up to his inaugural party in they Wynkoop beer wagon.  From: Westword)

Regardless of how you view Hick's politics, if you like good beer you have to like the fact that a craft-beer-friendly man is seated in the Governor's mansion.  This is a brew-crazy state, and it's only fitting that a man who knows the craft beer industry has his hand in shaping the political future.  Here's to ya, Governor Hickenlooper!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oklahoma St Basketball Preview

Quick turnarounds are what make college basketball really fun.  Not 24 hours after watching one of the bigger wins in recent Buff basketball history, I'm back to writing another game preview.  Buoyed by their fantastic 74-66 win in Manhattan, KS, the high flying Buffaloes return to the Coors Events Center Saturday morning to take on the reeling Oklahoma St Cowboys.  The Buffs will hope to keep their hot streak alive and move to a surprising 3-0 in conference play.  The Cowboys come in off of their worst performance of the season: a 71-48 loss in College Station Wednesday evening.  Tipoff is at 11:30 in the morning and the game will be televised on Altitude.  If you call yourself a Buff fan I highly suggest making every effort to be in attendance.
(Levi and the scorching-hot CU Buffaloes want you at the CEC Saturday morning!)

This also marks my first Big XII farewell of the basketball season.  There is no return game in Stillwater, so this is buh-bye to the OSU Cowboys.  I've been through Stillwater, OK a few times and I can safely say... well, it's not Boulder, that's for sure.  The fans are mostly nice (and stunned that Boone Pickens has lavished them with so much cash), and I guess Eskimo Joe's is a cool sportsbar if you've never been anywhere else.  My only regret is that I never made it to a game at Gallagher-Iba.  Oh well, on with the preview.

Click Below for the Preview

K-State wrap-up

It was a perfect storm of everything that logic tells you would spell doom for the CU men's basketball team.  An abnormally high number of turnovers (20), poor free throw shooting int he 2nd half (5-12), Burks and Relphorde missing almost everything they put up (8-26 combined), and both Corey and Alec in foul trouble.  On the road, especially in a place as hostile as K-State, this should of meant a loss, possibly even by buckets of points. 

But it didn't.

I don't know what changed in this team to get the defensive and rebounding performances we've seen the last two games, but, whatever it is, I hope to God it continues.  Sure, the Wildcats are another small-ish team (no primary contributor over 6-9), but similarly built teams have brutalized the Buffs on the boards before.  Instead the Buffs went on the road in Big XII play and came away with a 38-29 rebounding advantage. 
(Huh, rebounding, who knew?  From: the Post)

Defensively, the Buffs absurdly kept K-State from getting a field goal in the final 3:56 of the ballgame and held K-State to 30% shooting in the 2nd half.   This level of effort propelled the Buffs to a win that, despite relative offensive struggles that usually would've killed any opportunity to win, looked kind of easy.  By that I mean the Buffs didn't get lucky, they didn't fluke out a win (although 6-6 from 3 in the 2nd half is pretty mind-blowing); the team earned the victory by simply being the better team out there.

...simply the better team... 
(Wipe that look of disbelief off your face, this Buffs team is for reals; no take-backs  From: The Post)

There's no doubt about it, this team is pure quality.  Everyone knows what the offense is capable of, but this heightened level of defensive and rebounding output begins to put them in a class with the better teams in the country.  I said in my non-conference wrap-up that "if CU could figure out the whole defensive/rebounding thing, they'd be one of the best teams in the nation."  They seemed to have figured that part out now, and they also seem destined for the top-25.

Go Buffs, indeed

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Post: Ummm.... holy shit

I may have just found my goddamn white whale.  For maybe the first time ever, the University of Colorado men's basketball team has beaten a top-25 team in back-to-back games. The Buffs just went ON THE ROAD and beat the preseason pick to win the Big XII to improve to 2-0 in the conference.  The program hasn't been 2-0 to start conference play since 1997 (the Billups year).

We may not just be Colorado good, but, you know, legitimately good.

K-State Basketball Preview #1

Fresh off their upset of the Mizzou Tigers, the Buffs go on the road for the first time in conference play tonightThey're in Manhattan, KS to take on the #17 K-State Wildcats.  Action starts at 7pm on ESPNUThis will be a good measuring stick for the Buffs, as the formerly #3 in the nation Wildcats are stumbling in the midst of a 3-3 stretch and will be fired up to get back on track.
(Corey Higgins and the boys try to nab their first conference road win of the year tonight in Manhattan)

Follow below for the preview

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quick Thoughts on the BCS title game

Before the game a friend asked me for a score prediction.  I said 23-18 Oregon; I just knew it would be low scoring.  Besides the fact that one-sided group-think about a game is usually wrong (in this case that it would be high scoring), I figured the near 40 or so days-off for both teams would certainly hurt offenses built around timing and quick decisions within a rhythm. 

The bowls, and their timing, really do a disservice to the quality of college football presented.  What is true in the regular season (amazingly effective offenses in this instance) often doesn't carry over because of the layoffs.  Within the last few years, this issue has been exacerbated by an extra week between the traditional January 1st date and the superficial made for TV time that's become the norm.  If this game was played a month ago, not only the score, but the winner probably would've been different.  Not for nothing, but a playoff system would eliminate this issue; teams making the final would be in rhythm and ready to rock to their full potential.
(Cam Newton, and the Auburn Tigers, get the mythical national championship.  From: the post)

Additionally, I was frustrated with the way the game ended.  Not the winner (I couldn't really care less either way) but the way Auburn got down to score on their final drive.  Sure, give all the credit in the world to Michael Dyer for realizing the whistle hadn't blown, but it just felt... unfair... that a game with such magnitude would essentially end on a fluke play.  It's a bullshit argument, I'll admit, but one I'll make none-the-less.  The whole deal left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

(ESPN had a great picture that would've fit perfectly here, showing Dyer rolling on top of the Duck defender, but they don't allow capturing their images, so fuck them.)

Anywho, good game, and very entertaining.  While it may not have been the offensive extravaganza that everyone expected, I was still riveted throughout.

Levi Knutson's magical year.

Louisville Buff, from the sometimes useful NetBuffs (as opposed to the often useful AllBuffs), posted something interesting yesterday.  One of the Basketball Buffs is rated the most efficient offensive basketball player in the country on (I don't know how I missed it, I'm on that site like 3 hours a day)  It's not Al Burks (3rd out of players with a high number of touches), and it's not Corey Higgins.  Nope, it's the Littleton,CO native Levi Knutson. (scroll down to the "all players" section)

Sure, I could be talking about the greatness of Al Burks this week; afterall, he just got named Big XII player of the week for his 36 point explosion against Mizzou.  But I feel Levi's season deserves special note.  (It's also a little more mea culpa from me, since I've said repeatedly before this season that I didn't think Levi belonged at this level)

Stats don't lie, and you don't wind up at the top of the national offensive efficiency leaderboard for nothing.  Levi is killing it with every minute he's on the court, and it's relatively few minutes as he only averages 24 minutes a game.  Not only is he scoring a career best 11.5 points per game, but he's shooting 58% from the field, 50% from 3, and an eye-popping 90% from the free throw line.  Going a little deeper, his true shooting percentage is an obscene 73%.  This all from a guy who averaged near 5 points a game as a freshman, and had regressed in each year since.
(Levi take good shots, and treasures every possession he's a part of.  From: the BDC)

Coming in to the season, I had expected Levi to be his typical scrappy self, i.e. fight bigger guys for balls, get his hands in passing lanes, and generally make himself a nuisance.  I certainly didn't expect him to be a key offensive piece on big possessions that makes the whole thing work properly.  With him draining near every shot he takes, opponents have to think twice before double-teaming the flashier Burks and Higgins.  This opens up the offense, and allows his teammates to take better shots.

So, you may be asking yourself, "Self, if Levi is so damn important, then why isn't he either starting or getting more minutes?"  Well, for one, who starts doesn't really matter.  Look at crunch time in the Mizzou game, Levi was on the floor, and the designated point guard of the night (in this case Tomlinson) was riding the pine (deservedly in this case).  As to his minutes, I wonder if Levi would maintain his effectiveness if he played, say 30-32 minutes a game, rather than the 24 per game he's getting now.  I just don't think so. 

I look at Levi like an All-Star middle reliever on a surprisingly successful baseball team.  He's a journeyman who's had ineffective periods throughout his career, but, for some reason, hasn't put it all together.  At the All-Star Break his numbers might have some ungodly look like sub .200 BA against, a WHIP under .900, a K/9 over 10, and an ERA around 1.  You don't know how he's doing it, whether it be a new pitch, a new arm slot, or whatever, but he's just murdering guys for the first time in his career, and will wind up making $4 or 5 million/year in the future because of it.  Yet he doesn't get many looks; his effectiveness derives from the fact that he's used only in the appropriate situation.  Were you to throw him in the 8th or 9th, or give him more innings, his numbers would inflate.
In other words, the scheme and rotation that Coach Boyle has Levi in now is what's getting the most out of him, to increase his touches would only be unnecessarily tweaking with a formula that's working just fine.

For a more direct-basketball analogy, I'd like to compare him to Steve Kerr on the 1996 Bulls.  Steve would only get 22-24 minutes a game, and would never start.  However, when crunch time came around, there he was, nailing jumpers, and making himself a nuisance on the court.  Because of MJ and Scotty, you had to use extra defenders, which just game Steve more chances to hurt opponents; and hurt them he did.  Kerr shot .506/.515/.929 on the season, and kept opponents aware of his positioning on the court on crucial possessions.  If he had gotten more minutes, I don't know if it really would've helped the Bulls be a better team.

The point is, not only is Levi killing it, but he's being used properly.  He couldn't be in a more perfect situation, and he's been raining holy hell-fire down on opponents all season because of it.  The broadcast guys chalk it up to him being healthy, I chalk it up to black magic.  Either way, I hope to God it continues.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Grab Bag: De-Clawing the Tigers

For the first time in 14 years, the Buffs have gotten their Big XII campaign off to a positive start.  Guess what I'll be talking about today!  Sure, I'll have some brief thoughts about the NFL playoffs, but it's a nearly 100% Mizzou game bag today.  Jump below to celebrate the first win over a top-10 team since that glorious year of 2003....
(Let's get this party started!  From: The BDC)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Beer Post: Two Brothers Brewery

While "home" over the holidays (even though I live and work in Colorado, Chicago is "home") I discovered something incredible.  Just a few miles down the road from where I grew up there is a grouple of people brewing some fantastic beer.

Two Brothers Brewing, located in Warrenville, Illinois, is the product of Jim and Jason Ebel (Incidentally, Jason, according to sources, used to work for Boulder Beer).  The brothers have been brewing professionally in DuPage county for over 14 years.  The business is still family owned, and they seem to be growing in leaps and bounds to this day.

Don't let the haphazard web page fool you, these guys brew some seriously good stuff.  I tried two of their beers during my time back in Illinois, and both were very impressive.  Their "Domaine DuPage" French-style Country Ale went perfectly with the traditional Christmas Day hors d'ouvres served at my Aunt's house.  It's a well balanced beer, definitely what I would consider a sessional, with a slightly sweet aftertaste that reminds me of raisins.  The other style I tried was the "Cain and Ebel" Hopped-Up Red Rye Ale.  Rye's have been hit-or-miss for me in the past, but this one hit big time.  The sweeter rye malts mixed well with the nice amount of hops for a pleasant creamy aftertaste which I found fantastic. 
( I highly recommend this beer.  If your flight gets canceled, and you're stuck in Chicago for a day with nothing to do, you could do a whole lot worse than a few of these and a trip to Portillo's)

It may be hard for Coloradans to run into anything from this brewery.  The typically draconian distribution laws in the Upper Midwest haven't allowed this brewery to stray too far, so you're only going to find it in the "Big 10" footprint.  If you do find yourself in that region, or find their booth at GABF and other beer festivals, I highly suggest you give them a shot.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mizzou Basketball Preview #1

Lackluster effort against the Fightin' Mustangs from Western New Mexico notwithstanding, I'm ready for Big XII play to begin.  In light of the start of the "real" season, I'm going to begin previewing each matchup.  While not extensive as my football previews, these articles should give you some keys to look for, and a reasonable outlook as to the Buffs chances.  This will also give me a chance to say my final goodbyes to all of the Big XII schools as the situation arises.

First up, the daunting #9 Missouri Tigers.



Missouri has flourished under the tutelage of head coach Mike Anderson.  More to the point, CU hasn't beaten Mizzou since he arrived on campus, taking over for the disgraced Quin Snyder (boy was I sad when that douche left).  Coach Anderson has given the Tigers an aggressive, intense identity; allowing the team's athleticism to shine through.  Learned through his years assisting under former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson, his brand of "the Fastest 40 minutes in Basketball" (also known as 40 minutes of Hell) is a style teams hate to play, and often makes for rough nights; specifically allowing the Tigers to beat the Buffs by an average of 17 points per matchup since 2007.  Tough, in your face defense keys the Tigers, allowing them to get easy looks on the offensive end.  They rely (obviously) on a fast tempo and athletic play from every position to make the team work.
(Coach Anderson has turned out to be a fantastic hire for the Tigers)

Key Players

The Tigers are keyed by the stellar Junior guard duo of Marcus Denmon and Kim English.  The 6'3" Denmon has made some serious leaps as a player over the past two years, and comes in averaging 17/4/2.  He's a tough little bastard, and has a knack for finding lanes.  The 6'6" English has been a matchup problem since he blew onto the national radar with his Freshman year performance in the Tourney.  He's plateaued since that Tourney run gave him the national cred, but he's still a clutch shooter who can be a nightmare.  His averages this year are 11/3/3.

The guy I am most afraid of, however, is Ricardo Ratliffe.  He was the #1 JuCo recruit from last years recruiting cycle, and his bulky 6'8" frame will allow him to murder CU inside.  I can almost guarantee that he'll grab a double-double Saturday, and fully expect him to be the difference in the game.
(I expect Ratliffe to be a thorn in the Buffs side)

Opponents Season so Far

Mizzou has got it going on this year.  They've vaulted into the top 10 by having only one blemish on their record: an overtime loss to Georgetown in a "neutral site game" played in Kansas City.  Overall their non conference schedule isn't that impressive, but, by that measure, neither is ours.  Credit to them for going on the road to beat Oregon, and for beating Illinois in the always tough Braggin' Rights Game (a game that I grew up watching as a yearly tradition).  With their 13-1 start, fans in Columbia are thinking of challenging for the conference title; I certainly won't doubt them at this point.  They're first in the conference in both points scored and allowed per game, showing that they have both the offensive firepower and the defensive toughness to make a legitimate challenge for the top of the league.

For a trip down memory lane, check out the boxscore of the Missouri/Northern Illinois game from Dec 27th.  The Tigers beat the Huskies (lead by former CU coach Ricardo Patton) 97-61.  Former Buff standout Xavier Silas had 8 points on 2 of 12 shooting.  Good showing Big X!
(The Tigers had an easy time silencing Silas and the Patton-led Huskies)


Sigh.... CU hasn't won a conference opener since the first year of the Big XII (beating Nebraska 79-73 in Boulder); having now dropped their last 13 openers.  I don't expect that losing trend to change Saturday.

Offensively we match up pretty well; if you look at the conference leader boards, offensive categories are usually spotted with Mizzou and CU somewhere in the top 3, and, even against Mizzou's tough D, I expect CU to score bunches.  Defensively, of course, it's another issue entirely.  I can't see how we're going to be able to hold back the Tigers, and while they can't rebound (8th in the conference in both offensive and defensive boards) we are even worse (10th in both categories).

Maybe the larger home crowd will spur the Buffs on to a stellar defensive effort...  Maybe the new addition of Trent Beckly will make a difference in the paint (LOL, him making a difference is the most laughable idea since putting Ben Mills into a Big XII game)...  Maybe the combined offensive force that is Alec Burks and Corey Higgins will catch fire.

I doubt it.

In the end, the Buffs will fall.  Pulling a score out of my ass, I'll say 91-78.  We simply can't play enough defense to beat a team like Mizzou, even at home. (For the record, give us a 32% chance to win.)

Go Buffs

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quick-Post: We're desperate

Before the season started I jokingly called for the return of Casey Crawford.  With the loss of Shane Harris-Tunks the Buffs are desperate for size, and the 6'8" Kansas Native left CU with a year of eligibility still on the table. 

It was a ludicrous notion, but apparently the Buffs have taken my half-baked advice.  Digging into the discarded trash-heap, they've pulled out, not Casey Crawford, but Trent Beckley of all people.


I know we're desperate, but that's really scraping the bottom of the barrel.  I can't imagine Trent working out in any meaningful way, but at least he'll get some more free education out of it.

Welcome (back) aboard, Trent!

Wrapping up the Non-Conference Season

I'm going to go out on a limb and say we beat Western New Mexico tonight.  Call it a hunch.  With that presumptive win the Buffs Men's Basketball team will finish non-conference play with an 11-4 record.  When the season began I said anything less than 12-3 has an NIT berth stamped all over it; well, I'm sticking to that.  With the painful losses to USF and Harvard (albeit both on the road) any hope of making the Big Dance relies entirely on a miraculous Big XII run with 10-11 conference wins, which I just don't see coming. 

You can tell the team really misses Shane Harris-Tunks.  Rebounding continues to be a struggle, and defense has been a disaster at times.  Most statistical analysis hammers the team for this; kenpom has the Buffs at 179th in the nation in defensive efficiency, and CU is 210th in the nation in rebounding.  Skilled post players have killed the Buffs, and essentially anyone who can get to the rim has dropped large numbers against CU.  In short, the height issues of the past 3-4 years (CU is 203rd in effective height, whatever that means) are ever present and seem to be able to stunt an often exciting team's growth.

All is not lost, however.  The offense can be prolific (7th in the nation in scoring) and efficient (21st in offensive efficiency.  The team shoots over 50% from the field, which is awesome, and makes 78% of its freethrows.  All-in-all, the offense is where it should be if the Buffs hope to win any games.
(The offense has been awesome, but without a defense to back it up the Buffs could be stuck in the mud come conference play.  From: The BDC)

If CU could figure out the whole defensive/rebounding thing, they'd be one of the best teams in the nation; this is not wholly unexpected.  Coming into the year we knew that CU had some stellar offensive talent, but that the defense could potentially hold the team back.  It was hoped that fiery on-ball defending would make up for a lack on interior size/talent defensively; for the most part that hasn't been the case.  Shannon Sharpe has been largely disappointing, seemingly a step behind quicker guards, and no one has been willing to step into the big defensive shoes HT left behind when he tore his ACL.  What's been clear is that the Buffs are a 1-dimensional unit: we're going to try and outscore you, if you can keep up, you've got us.

Overall, I'll give the still young season a C-.  Slightly below expectations, but there have been some bright spots.  That said, I'd like to highlight some with my mid-season awards:

MVP - Alec Burks - Dude can score, and he's had some highlight games.  Alec started off the year with 5-straight 20+ point games, and has been a primary focal point in the previously discussed prolific offense.  Near 30% of CU's total possessions use Burks, and he's rewarded that faith with some highlight moments.

(Alec has played like a lottery player should.  From: The BDC)

Best Newcomer - Andre Roberson - The team was desperate for rebounding, and the Texas native has been happy to oblige.  His 7.4 boards per game, including 4 double-digit efforts, have been a huge addition to the roster.  His back to back double-doubles against The Citadel and Longwood were a very welcome sight.

Most Surprising Player - Levi Knutson - I've hammered Levi in the past, but he seems to have found some black magic to cure his shot woes.  He's shooting 58% from the field (obscene) and had a perfect game against Longwood, hitting every shot he took all night.  I'm sorry for every harsh word I ever said about the Colorado Native.  Keep it up, Levi!

Best Game - CSU - While the game was going on I was pissed we weren't dominating the Rams.  In retrospect, the performance has grown on me.  Sure, missed free-throws by the usually reliable Corey Higgins let the Rams back into the game, and, yes, the Rams were able to kill inside.  However, the game was very exciting, and I never want to look a gift win in the mouth.  Kudos to the Buffs for hanging in there and keeping the home game winning streak alive.

(All stats in this article are taken from and  They are invaluable)


The "real" season starts Saturday against Missorui, and I hope everyone who reads this will show up to the CEC.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Monday Grab Bag: Special First Post of the Year Edition

Hey, I'm back!  After being damn near screwed with my pants on by Frontier Airlines, I've found my way back to dear old Colorado, and I couldn't be happier.  Time to get back to the old grindstone and comment on the always confusing world of sports.  This is a special edition of the grab bag; special in that it's coming to you on a Tuesday.  Either way, Happy New Year to all!

Jump below for the first post of 2011...