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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick Post: New Practice Facility and Folsom Expansion

You keep ringing that bell, Texas Tech dude, and let the whole world know that there's breaking CU news.
Take a look at this photo:
From: @David_LaRose
I may not be an architecture expert, but I've never noticed that building on the left before.  THAT THING IS HUGE!

That is, probably, the 3-D rendering of the rumored, super-secret practice facility and Folsom Field expansion.  Additionally, if you're really eagle-eyed, you may notice that the North-East side appears to have been expanded.   If these upgrades are close to reality, they'd combine with the previously announced upgrades to the video boards to make Folsom Field, and the football program in general, as modern as can be expected.

While no one has trapped Bohn in a corner yet to ask him about the model, it's at least worth drooling over.

While CSU was out running their mouths about a 100,000-seat, on campus stadium experience (coming to a fantasy Ft. Collins near you), Mike Bohn was working behind the scenes to make real developments happen.  Gotta love that Pac-12 monopoly money.

Go Buffs!

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