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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick Post: On the evolving Pac-12 Network

Work began on the future home of the Pac-12 network yesterday, with the expectation that the operation will be up and running for the fall.  It's an exciting time in a conference seemingly bent on sports-world domination.
The new secret lair... located on Third St in San Francisco.  from:
The new home of Pac-12 Enterprises, who will produce both the Pac-12 Network and digital distribution content, is a symbol of what CU left the rotting corpse of the Big XII for.  In addition to more money, CU's new home offers a sense of inclusion and forward thinking that was beyond lacking when UT was running the show.  The Big XII continues to be years behind competitors in terms of distribution and market expansion.  With the Pac-12, CU is a part of the new frontier of sporting consumerism.

So, what exactly does this mean to you, the consumer?  It will be easier to follow the Buffs than ever before.

No longer will games go un-broadcast.  The Pac-12 network will be on the basic cable tier in home media markets, with every regional network available on expanded sports tiers.  While satellite provider agreements are still in the works, I have no doubt that sports friendly DirecTV will be involved. Additionally, through the philosophy of "TV everywhere," everything broadcast on the various Pac-12 networks will be available online or on your phone. 

If you want to pay for it, you will be able watch the Buffs, wherever you may roam. This point was underscored for me when I looked up my ISU live-blog from last-year.  No more blackouts!
I'm talking Scrooge McDuck money.  Straight cash, homey!
All told, the Network and digital distribution could mean an additional $15+ million per year into the Buff Treasury.  The digital media rights, along with the Pac-12 Network system, are all in addition to the $2.7-3 billion television deal signed last May.  That deal alone should bring in $15 million to CU starting this fall, with that number only going up in future years, via a built-in escalator clause.

The CU athletic department is about to be seriously rolling in the dough.  As if you didn't already know that.

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