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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quick Post: I'm off to the Pac-12 Tournament

Lured by low-cost air-fare, a surprisingly above-average basketball team, and the ability to hang out with my friends in California, I'm headed off to LA for the Pac-12 Tournament.  The final year of the tournament in LA was just too good of a deal to pass up.

What does that mean for the blog?  Well, since I don't have a laptop, that unfortunately means I'm going dark for the next week.  Instead, I'll be tweeting (probably a lot) from the games, so you may want to follow me @Rumblinbuffalo.

As for a tournament prediction...

I always over-look the chalk favorite, tending to go for a team farther down the line.  So I've shot past Washington and headed right to Oregon, who have been playing some of the best basketball in the conference over the past month. 

Since losing that nail-biter in Boulder, the Ducks have gone 6-1, and have been scoring a ton of points in the process.  With UW, Cal, and Arizona losing their final game, Oregon is only team in the top-4 coming into the tournament with momentum, and have the guard depth to succeed in tournament play.  Give me the Ducks over Washington in the final. 

The Buffs?  I think CU should get by Utah.  No matter how calamitous play has gotten this season, CU has at least proven that it can beat the worst teams in the conference.  Unfortunately, with Oregon awaiting in the second round, the Buffs, and their traveling road crew, should be home by Friday afternoon.


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Barteld said...

Was curious about what you thought our seeding might be but see you made the trip. Something tells me you're glad you went! The last 4 days have been the best and sure you enjoyed every minute of it. I''ll check your twitter feed but certain you are feeling good tonight. Buff nation is making lots of noise. How did Tad not get Coach of the Year?