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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quick Post: On Peyton Manning, and his crashing of CU's dance party

Dear Mr. Manning,

Addictive personalities being what they are, your forthcoming free agency decision has gotten the Bronco tweakers back on the blue and orange dragon.  I don't think it's healthy for them, or those of us around them, to jump back into their destructive addiction so quickly. 

Further, your search for a new home, while understandably public, has begun to take attention away from the first Tournament berth for the University of Colorado (and that small ag school up the road) in just shy of a decade.  Simply, what should be a time for incessant celebration has been overshadowed by your search.

Accordingly, I ask that you please make your decision quickly; it's March, and football shouldn't be discussed by anyone, anywhere during this time.




While I'm on the subject, if this process has made one thing clear to me, it's that John Elway would rather don a Raiders cap than have Tim Tebow as his QB come fall. 

Over the past few months, the Donkeys have been linked to everything from QB money-pit Matt Flynn, to a destructive trade to grab one of the top-two draft picks (and the QB prospects that come with them).  Now, this high profile pursuit of an aging, injury-plagued superstar has all but driven home the point that Elway would rather anyone, seriously ANYONE, other than Tebow take snaps.

Elway needs it to be a high-profile name to mollify the section of the Broncos fanbase that is squarely in 15's corner.  Manning certainly fits that bill.

Add this to the lukewarm assurance that Little Timmy would be the QB come training camp (duh), and I wouldn't expect to see the ratings cow on the Denver sidelines much longer, Manning or no Manning.

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