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Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Beer Post: 2012 Gameday Beer-o-the-week - Spring Game Edition

Each week throughout the football season I'm going to suggest a good beer for the ubiquitous pre-game tailgate. Let's be honest, with tailgates it's not always top quality that you're looking for. To steal a phrase from the heinous beer terrorists at Budweiser, you want "drinkability." (or what a real beer connoisseur calls "a session beer") So, be warned, these may not be "the best" beers around. But,     in the words of Dave Chappelle as Samuel L. Jackson "IT'LL GET YOU DRUNK!"

The Beer Post is back!  And just in the nick of time, too, because I'm going to need something to get me through the glorified scrimmage kicking off tomorrow night.

If I haven't made myself clear by now, I can't stand the practice of holding a Spring Game.  Unlike baseball or basketball, where exhibitions can be mildly entertaining, and exhibition of football is mindless fodder for those easily suckered (some schools actually charge for the privilege of attending theirs).  Football is a sport that can only achieve watchability when everyone on the field is giving their all, and that's just not possible in an exhibition setting.  Dress it in gameday garb all you want, the whole thing is a waste of time for us, the spectators.

But a tailgate?  Well, that's always in season, and, barring some inclement weather Saturday afternoon, it's on like Donkey Kong.

For the Spring Tailgate this year, I'm planning on bringing a beer that I was only recently introduced to.  A variant on the ubiquitous American Pale Lager, this brew is one of the first craft offerings to be mass produced in conveniently drinkable 16oz tallboy cans.  I'm naming New Belgium's Shift Pale Lager as my tailgate beer-o-the-week.

It may look like every other American-style lager you've seen pitched to you in billion dollar ad campaigns, but the kind folks at New Belgium have added something I like to call "flavor" to what can be a very bland style.  It starts with a nice kick of hops before leveling off to a very light malt flavor.  Light yellow and clear, with about 5% alcohol, this beer is the very definition of a "session-beer."

So, when dusting off the tailgating equipment tomorrow morning, give a thought to grabbing a 4-pack of Shift tallboys. They'll help with wash down the bad football aftertaste that's sure to come with the Spring Game.

Happy Friday!  Go Buffs!  Beat Ourselves!

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