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Friday, May 25, 2012

Quick Post: The Jayhawks have fallen into our trap

My evil plan has come to fruition. Kansas is coming back to the CEC.

The Jayhawks, comforted by years of hoops dominance, have not seen the danger in signing up to play the poor old Buffaloes again.  Oh sure, if the series starts in Lawrence this year, CU may get throttled, youth and inexperience possibly keeping the game from being competitive.  But that first return leg... *evil grin, maniacal laugh*  Lawrence seems to have missed the memo: shit's changed around here.

I had been doing mental gymnastics, trying to envision a scenario where we could trick KU in to coming back up to 5,385 feet of Rocky Mountain High Altitude.  Turns out, they'll stroll in willingly. 

If KU is expecting 6,000 open seats eagerly waiting the return of their fans, they will be left wanting.  That crowd will be Black and Gold, mark my words.  Those Jayhawks will be marching into a frothing CEC, with the long-suffering Buff fanbase out for blood and revenge.  BLOOD AND REVENGE!

This is a perfect situation for CU.  We get the lone Big 8 hoops rival we should care about back on the schedule, and an immediate RPI boost (we care about such things now).  From the KU perspective, they get a series that placates the western portion of their fanbase, and a game against a conference champion. 

They'll also get a big fat road loss hung on their head in two years.

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