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Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Grab Bag: A true grab bag of topics

Yeesh, there's nothing going on right now.  Outside of a smattering of football recruiting updates (which I flat refuse to spend time on), the only revenue sport news that's hitting right now is the continuing transfer saga of Ben Mills and Shannon Sharpe.  Even the Pac-12 Meetings are devoid of any juice.  It's just a down time for CU sports conversation.

And so, I turn my lonely eyes to women's golf.  Yep, women's golf.

Today in the bag, I'll be setting up the golf team's pursuit of a regional title on their home course, shoveling some dirt on the rotting corpse of the Chicago Bulls, and calling Floyd Mayweather a coward.

Click below for the bag...

Women's Golf prepares for Western Regional -  

These are heady days for the golf program at CU as the program has gotten a home course and a sexy new practice facility in recent years.  This season saw early dividends paid from the influx of financial attention, as the women's golf team rode back-to-back tournament wins in March to a top-15 national ranking.  Lead by superlative senior Emily Talley, the team was beginning to make waves in the golfing world.

The team would stumble at the Pac-12 Championships, sliding to 6th on the final day, but that's at least understandable when you consider how stacked the conference is.  The top-6 teams from the Pac-12 tournament all feature highly in national rankings, and a bloat of 10 teams from the Pac are included in the 72-team NCAA field.

Despite the disappointing showing in Pullman, CU was awarded the #4 seed in the Western Regional based on their strong accomplishments this season (three tournament wins on the year, a school record), marking only the 3rd time in 17 years of play that the Buffs have made the NCAA Championship field.  The cherry on top is the fact that CU is hosting the event, giving the ladies home course advantage.
Go get 'em, ladies!  From:
Starting Thursday, and running through Saturday afternoon, the women's team will have as good a shot as any of making the top-8 and advancing to the National Championship Tournament later this month.  If golf is your sort of thing, you just may want to head out to Erie on Saturday, and cheer the women on to victory.

Here lay the '11-'12 Chicago Bulls, may they rest in peace - 

It was always going to be an uphill battle for My Bulls in the wake of the Derrick Rose ACL tear, as evidenced by lackluster performances in games 2 and 3 of their series with the Philadelphia 76ers.  To pile on, the basketball gods decided to throw a gruesome looking ankle sprain the way of defensive star Joakim Noah midway through game 3.  With Chicago's two best players gone for game 4, it was inevitable that Philly would take a commanding 3-1 series lead Sunday afternoon, which, of course, they did.
Would the last person out please hit the lights on the '11-'12 season?
I was such a promising season.  Note, I'm using the past tense, because they might as well cancel game 5 and move on; the Bulls are done.  (Just saying, but forfeiting the game would belay any further injuries...) 

Without #1 options on offense and defense, no team can really hope to stand up to a playoff squad.  The 76ers might not be a good team (in fact, they're very average by NBA standards), but the Bulls are helpless foils without the talent that dragged them to the East's #1 seed.  I don't even plan on watching Tuesday night.


Floyd Mayweather is a coward.  A filthy rich coward - 

Money cruised past Cotto over the weekend.  Big shock.  And now he runs off to jail after his $30-$40 million payday, talking retirement and other nonsense.  *wanking motion*
Whatever, call me when you schedule a real fight.  From: ESPN
Let me cut to the point, the dude is ducking Manny Pacquiao.  After destroying all comers through his sterling career, Mayweather continues to avoid the only fighter with any hope of beating him (I don't think Pacquiao would win, I just think he has a shot).  I don't care what his bullshit reasons are, or what PED fantasies he concocts to justify his yellow streak, it's pure cowardice. 

He is actively avoiding a fight against the only remaining legitimate challenger.  That's called being a coward.  A true competitor finds a way to make that fight happen.

I once supported Money.  I lustily cheered the way he took the ring against De La Hoya and shredded the Golden Boy.  Now I can't stand the very mention of the gutless whelp.  Either fight Manny, or leave with a incomplete legacy.  I'm tired of his crap, and I'm certainly not paying to watch it.

Happy Monday!

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