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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Colorado Football: When keeping it real goes wrong

Thankfully, the offseason has been blissfully quiet.  Other than a few injury concerns, the news reports emanating from the program have all been performance related.  Very little if anything on the disciplinary front... wait, what's that noise?

Oh no, it's a herd of hyperventilating media members... this is never good for anyone living in Boulder County.  This is probably about that noise complaint that drew cops to practice.  Fine, what do you guys have for us today?

Hrmmmm.... an incident resulting in no charges, where a couple of over-excited college kids mouthed off at some cops.  (Like that doesn't happen eight times every weekend night up on The Hill.)  Exciting (I fucking hate this small town crap).  Certainly firing air soft guns between cars is pretty stupid, but it seems like a smack-upside-the-head level incident.

Wait, what, CU is suspending two, and kicking off another?

Really?  I mean, sure, they shouldn't have lipped off to the cops (Very bad form. Also, never sarcastically demand that a cop shoot you), but the BPD brought five patrol cars, and drew weapons, over an air soft pistol.  I'm assuming that would've raised everyone's blood pressure significantly to the point that nerves were strained.

Hey, I don't know everything involved, and maybe these guys all carried previous in-house disciplinary issues, but this seems like an overreaction by the coaching staff.  There has to be much more to the Jermaine Clark result, especially.  There's no way this incident warrants dismissal/departure from the team.

From a football standpoint, this isn't all that impactful.  Thornton and Thomas weren't first choices at their respective positions.  CU can live without them for two games against low-level opponents.  Clark, while ticketed for limited playing time this fall, is replaceable.  Still, a quick, sad end to his CU career.

Can we please try to get through camp without any more bullshit?

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