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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quick Post: ... and then there were three

The 4-way battle for the #1 QB slot on the CU depth chart didn't even last a day.

Freshman Shane Dillon is still recovering from his February surgery to repair a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder.  While cleared to practice, he's still very limited.  In that light, Coach Embree announced yesterday that Dillon will likely redshirt, and is therefore out of the QB competition.  The race is, be default, down to three.

This was not always a part of the plan. Many had, prior to the surgery, thought Dillon to be a dark horse contender for the QB crown.  However, logic would dictate that, even when healthy, it'd take a pretty special kid to supplant a seasoned veteran (Webb), a high-profile transfer with plenty of practice time (Wood), or a returning in-program backup (Hirschman).  I'm not saying that it was impossible, but, had a healthy Dillon won the job, I'd have been floored.
Hirschman and the QB corps are battling it out this fall. From: the BDC
As it stands, three quality options remain for Embree and crew to choose from.  With practices closed, progress reports will be slow to emerge, and even then tainted with a twinge of PR spin. (Case-in-point, the quote of the day from Coach Embree is that each of the three QB's "had their moments... this competition, I guess, is going to have to go at least two days."  That's some deep shit right there.)  Even with the media blackout, expect plenty of rumored developments to hit the waves over the next two weeks.


buffjason said...

I really hope Wood steps up and gets some separation.

RumblinBuff said...

He's been my pick all along. All that practice time he received since he joined the team last October has to benefit. If he loses this race, he only has himself to blame.