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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Roll in the Brinks truck, Tad's getting paid.

On the same day that it was announced that each athletic program at the University of Colorado was being asked to cut costs by 10%, the terms of Tad Boyle's recent extension were released.  Originally negotiated by former AD Mike Bohn, the new contract (between a slight boost in base pay, increases in supplemental income, tweaks to incentives, and the elimination of retention bonuses) calls for Coach Boyle to receive an extra $700k per year on his contract which runs to April of 2018, bringing the bottom line number to just under $1.5 million per year. The contractual focus is no longer on Coach Boyle earning his keep, but rather now on CU compensating him enough to stay.
Yeah, I'd be smiling too.
It's a well-deserved pay increase for the rock star coach in charge of the most successful program on campus.  After 69 wins and three-straight postseason appearances in his first three seasons (both program records), this raise was, in effect, a no-brainer.

While I never took much stock in the panicked rumors from the last few years that hinted that Tad was soon bound for more lucrative opportunities, I'm comforted by the continued financial commitment to hoops, and hopeful that this raise will give would-be suitors pause.  The total, cash-money number is still lower than some of the rumored/reported outside offers that Tad has received the past few offseasons, but it's a solid step in the direction of financial security for both Boyle and CU.

What's that?  You're still worried about the buyout clause?  Well, it's nothing near the lottery-sized payments included in new UCLA coach Steve Alford's contract, but, should CU and Boyle part ways before the end of April in 2015, the spurned party gets $500k.  At least it's something.


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