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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Quick Post: Taking a break

OK, so, as you may have noticed, this isn't a grab bag.  I've decided, after much consideration, to call a time out in my writing habit, and take a step back.  That means regularly scheduled programming is on pause for the time being.

Never fear, however, I do plan on being back this fall.  What's more, I'll still be on call, waiting for breaking basketball news to strike.  Maybe some early summer transfer drama will catch my eye. Wouldn't that be interesting?  Or how about some cool dispatches regarding Tad Boyle at the U19 World Cup?  Of course, there's always the looming run of Team Colorado at The Basketball Tournament (This year, they earn the money!). When something worth commenting on pops up, there I'll be, dousing the fire with a furious stream of words.

Till August (or thereabouts), however, I'm cranking the dial down to reserve power.  In my stead, please enjoy the sunshine, the outdoors, and the long afternoons.  And, as always, #RollTad.

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