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Monday, April 5, 2010

Quick Post: Sox Win! Only 161 to go!

That's not too bad of a way to start the season! A 6-0 thrumbbing (combination of thumping and drubbing) of the hated Indian sure feels nice. Paulie gets an opposite field home run, Alex "I go to" Rios adds another, and Buehrle might have made the defensive play of the year on the first day.

(woot. From: SouthSideSox)

Just saying, but the last time Mark Buehrle won an opening day start was 2005 over the very same Cleveland Indians and Jake Westbrook (also a shut out). Sox won the World Series that year. Just saying.

The Rockies also won, I think. (What, the Rockies are just what distracts me as I wait for White Sox baseball. I have never denied this)

Glad to have you back baseball!

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