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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick Post: That was lame-ish

Just a quick-post today, 'cause I am under the gun at work.

I took in the National Championship game at a bar last night, and I have a couple of thoughts.
  1. Butler was oftentimes sloppy with the basketball and frequently got lost on defense. Their intensity seemed to get them out of a comfort level to the point that they seemed to be playing frantic. This lead to a rather chaotic performance, and the game seemed to lack any real flow to it as a result. However, during spurts in the 2nd half where Duke seemed destined to pull away for good, that frantic energy kept the inevitable "FINNISH HIM!" moment from occurring. Kudos to Butler for bringing the energy, even if they didn't seem to know what to do with it.
  2. That was both a great and terrible exposition of college basketball. You always want title games to be close, (don't kid yourself, that last shot was a good look for the situation, and I thought it was going in) but the lead-up to the ending was sluggish. I'll keep my mouth shut since I liked the numerous lead changes, and the game ended up being engaging (Almost missed the end in the bathroom. CBS threw me a change-up in terms of time-out length).

    (That was almost the most famous image in sports history)

  3. Watching the game at a bar with a live Bluegrass group is a good idea.
  4. When I woke up this morning, I realized one thing: Had Butler won, it would've been one of the most famous victories in American athletic history. But, since Duke won (boooo), no one gives a shit. Butler gets a lame pat on the head, and the entire country (besides Durham, NC and Dickie V's house) moved on before they even had their morning coffee. Shame, that.

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