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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Monday Grab Bag: Catching up with all of the weekend action.

I was off enjoying a much needed day off yesterday, so this special Tuesday edition of the grab bag will cover all of the craziness from this past weekend.  Lots of Buff talk, and a quick stroll down to Augusta, Georgia await.

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Spring Game: I can't stress this enough: as a fan, I can't stand scrimmages.  I'll freely admit that I left very quickly after Nate Solder was honored with his name and number on the facade of the Fred Casotti press box; I just was not real interested in seeing a bland scrimmage take place.  With a slew of players unavailable due to injury, what did anyone, even the coaches, really learn about this team?  All the real work will take place far from public view during off season workouts and the closed August practices.  Call me when the team is ready to leave for Hawaii.
Yep, that happened this weekend.  Football and my attention span just aren't friends in April.  From: the BDC

Alumni flag football game:  The highlight of the evening, at least in my eyes, was the return of Gary Barnett to the Folsom Field sidelines.  I missed much of the game due the the long lines at the garage sale (I got an awesome Richard Roby jersey that somehow fit me!), but I was there to see Coach Barnett's team score two late touchdowns to win the game.  The final score came on a sweet schoolyard multiple-lateral play that somehow ended up with QB Joel Klatt streaking into the endzone.  It was great to see Gary publicly part of Buff Nation again, and I hope that Saturday evening was the start of a newly strengthened relationship between him and the school.
Coach Barnett made his return to Folsom, and I couldn't be happier.  From: the BDC

Logan Gray transfers into the Black and Gold:  In a move that has been expected for weeks, former Georgia QB/WR Logan Gray officially announced his transfer to CU.  Gray will graduate from Georgia in May, but will be seeking a postgraduate degree; this will allow him to play one season for the Buffs without having to sit out a year.  Much like Travon Patterson last year, the speedy Gray will add some depth to the WR roles and another option at kick returner.  Look for him out of the slot, as Paul Richardson and Toney Clemons should have the 1 and 2 WR spots on lockdown this fall.
For the second straight year CU has sought outside help to add depth to the WR corps.  This time it's a speedy Bulldog.

Brittany Spears gets drafted: It's not every day that CU sends an all-time leading scorer to the pros.  Yesterday, with their first round pick, the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury selected Brittany Spears, making her only the 4th CU player selected in a WNBA draft.  Brittany had a great career in Boulder, and should be able to make some impact for the Mercury in the immediate future.  Congratulations Brittany!
With professional prospects and a deep NIT run of their own, CU's womens program may have just as promising of a future as the mens does.  From: the BDC

Some guy not named Tiger wins the Masters:  There's something about the stark green palette of Augusta National that says "Spring" to me, and I always make time for Masters Sunday.  That Tiger was in contention only sweetened the pot.  I thought Tiger was home for sure after posting a ridiculous front 9.  However, a few stumbles on the back 9 kept him anchored to a big group at -10, and some South African dude ended up winning the Masters.  Please excuse my naivete, but, if a big name isn't winning a major, I'm just not going to care that much.  I'm not a golf fan, so my interest is only going to be carried by the drama of major event paired with someone I'd actually heard of before.

Happy Monday!

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