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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quick Post: Burks NBA decision chatter

There was a bunch of chatter both in the papers and on the twitter yesterday about Alec Burks setting a deadline of April 20th to make his NBA draft decision, and that there will be no "declare, but don't hire an agent" route.  He continues to state that his mind isn't made up and that it is a tough decision.  It's always hard to take that next step in life, to leave what's familiar, but I continue to feel that the realistic chance that he decides to stay at CU is close to 0%.

He also mentioned what I've been assuming for months, that the impending NBA lockout won't affect his decision.  That makes total sense to me; even with the lockout, first round contracts are slotted and guaranteed  (I don't think that slotting system will change during CBA negotiations) so there is relatively low risk even if the season gets washed out; it'll just be a delay on the eventual payday.  On the flip side, should Burks stay an extra year, he'd be contending with an enlarged draft pool next season. (ESPN's Chad Ford has a great evolving in/out list) Considering that he's one of the few viable NBA talents at his position, it may in fact be slightly advantageous for him to jump early, get a higher draft spot, and wait a few months for the cash to flow.

From my perspective he should go, take the eventual payday, and rep CU.  I'm not going to argue if he wants to stay another year, as I'd love 15+ more opportunities to see him play, but I think it would cost him lottery pick status.

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