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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick Post: "The Decision" from Burks UPDATED

In probably the shortest statement ever, Buffs super swing man Alec Burks announced that he'd be taking his talents to "the Association."  He's planning on signing with an agent, so the return option will not be available to him.  He's gone, and CU's immediate basketball future will surround attempts to replace his production.
Dude's about to get paiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.  From: the BDC

Alec seemed to be a little nervous at the beginning of the presser, and he struggled a little bit initially when pressed by the media.  This is probably because he mentioned that before yesterday he was coming back, but discussions with Coach Boyle and his mother turned him around.  He probably honestly did struggle with his choice, but in the end, from an outsiders prospective, I think he made the right one.  The iron's hot for his services right now, and I don't know if the same could be said next year.

I loved what Coach Boyle said about Colorado being a place where everyone can follow their dreams.  Alec came out here to pursue his hoop dreams, and now he has the opportunity to further that pursuit.

I'm honestly really happy for him.  Way to go Al!

UPDATE 4/21/11 - On 102.3 the Ticket, Alec admitted that he not only went to class but met with a tutor this morning.  Kid's going pro, about to make a ton of money, and he's still keeping up with his studies.  Dude's special, there's nothing else to it.

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