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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quick Post: Bring Baseball Back to CU!

Let me paint the picture: It's a beautiful May afternoon, sunny and in the low 70s.  You take the afternoon off from work, meander into Boulder, and grab some seats just beyond the 3rd base bag.  The stadium perfectly frames the flatirons in right-center field, and, with a beer in your hand (oh, there will be beer sales), baseball begins to unfold in front of you.  All is right with the world.  

Baseball needs to come back to Boulder.

Now that CU Athletics will be flush with cash in the forthcoming years, I think it's time to seriously start talking about bringing varsity baseball (and softball) back to CU.  Pac-12 commish, and all around badass, Larry Scott stated today that the 3 billion in TV dollars will allow for adding back of sports that have been cut.  If the Pac-12 wants to have an emphasis on it's total athletic package, not just on football and men's basketball, then I'm sure Mr. Scott will look to have the member institutions actually follow through on this concept.

There's been half-hearted efforts pushed in years past, but now's the time to seriously push for varsity baseball.  I'm not looking for it to happen next year, and I realize fund-raising for a new stadium may take years (can we use capital constructions funds?), but if Cal can find enough offsets to equal the $1 million/season operating budget (and save their team from the financial axe), then the creative team at Dal Ward should be able to as well.  Let's make it happen!


Raymond said...

We should get out of debt first, but then I whole heartedly agree.

Rico said...

Here here. I may then become a more-than-casual baseball fan instead of a less-than-casual baseball fan.

RumblinBuff said...

I'm not expecting a team to be ready by 2012, but is 2016 out of the question? I need me a baseball team. I'm sick of seeing talent leave the state wihtout any competition for their services.