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Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Grab Bag: Game week is here. Prepare yourself accordingly.

We've finally arrived at the home stretch of summer.  Sure, the calendar may technically say that summer doesn't end for another month, but we all know that the return of football marks the real start of fall.  Ready, or not, here comes 3 months of Buffs!

Today in the bag I'll be talking about game week prep, some discipline trouble for Hawaii, good news on the recruiting trail, and a brief departure into the world of My Sox.

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Game Week prep - The Buffs are treating the trip to Hawaii as, predictably, a business trip.  Over the past 3 years of road losses I've heard that cliche thrown out prior to just about every road trip, so I'm not going to put too much stock into the whole "business trip" angle.  My interest is piqued, however, by the whole notion of setting the players sleep and eating schedule to Hawaiian time.  That means noon wake-up calls and dinner around 11 pm.
'What did I tell you?  Sleep in 'til noon, damnit!  We got a game to win!'  From: the BDC.
 I'm not sure if this will work, but I am wondering, if Coach Embree is that concerned with the 3,000 mile trip and 4 hour time change, than why aren't the Buffs flying out earlier than Thursday?  Seems to me that getting out there earlier in the week would better prepare the Buffs against the rigors of long-distance travel than forcing 20-year-olds to eat dinner 'round midnight

Hawaii possibly loses two starters for the opener - While the Buffs are being forced to sleep in till noon, some of the Warriors from Hawaii are getting themselves into trouble.  Yesterday it was announced that starting LB Aaron Brown and starting WR Darius Bright were arrested for an alleged assault at a Waikiki nightclub.  Whether they play or not Saturday evening is unknown, but they are currently suspended from practice and are not allowed to attend team meetings pending a review of their case.

Bright was listed on the teams website as a front-runner for the "X" WR slot, and would be a big target (6'4", 230) for Super QB Bryant Moniz if he's cleared to play.   Brown is a returning starter for the Warriors, and totaled 85 tackles, 5 sacks, and 3 picks last season.  Against CU last fall he recorded 8 tackles, 1 of which went for a loss.  Both are potentially big, but not critical, losses for Hawaii.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser has a stupid paywall up, so I can't find out more than the blub I linked to, but I'll troll their site and see if anything else pops up.

Recruiting update: Irwins all around - CU received 2 more commitments from deep in the heart of Texas over the weekend.  Brothers Sean and Jeromy Irwin announced their decision to don the Black and Gold.  Normally I would take verbal commitments with a grain of salt, but their mother went onto Allbuffs to make the announcement.  I'll take a mothers word to the bank.

Sean is a 6-4 TE while Jeromy is a big 6-5 OT.  The Brothers Irwin make it 6 recruits out of Texas for the '12 class.

Sox sweep Seattle, finally call up Viciedo - The Sox front office were finally moved into calling up hitting phenom Dayan Viciedo over the weekend, and the "Cuban Tank" delivered in a big way.  Sunday afternoon Viciedo kick-started the Sox offense going 2-3 with a 3-run shot to right-center.  He even provided a big walk to allow young catcher Tyler Flowers to hit his first Grand Slam.  The Sox would go on to win 9-2 and complete the 3-game sweep of the Mariners in Seattle.
Glad you're here, 'Tank.'  Could've used you 2 months ago.  From: The Trib.
Youngsters Viciedo, Flowers, and Alejandro De Aza are all currently making vital offensive contributions to a team that had been weighed down by bloated offensive anchors like Adam Dunn and Alex Rios.   Since my Sox are all but eliminated from playoff contention, it sure is a great time to be bringing in offensive re-enforcements that would've been significantly more helpful 1-2 months ago.  That's my Sox for you: a day late and a Tank short.

Happy Monday!

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