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Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick Post: The basketball schedule is now complete

Get your money ready, because season ticket renewal forms are headed to a mailbox near you.  All that was holding up my check to the University of Colorado was the completion of the regular season basketball schedule; that hurdle has now been cleared with the addition of two cupcakes to round out the non-conference portion of the 2011-12 mens basketball schedule.

Last month, when the majority of the non-con schedule was released, I had postulated that another regional cupcake was on tap, a la Western New Mexico from last year.  I semi-sarcastically dropped Metro State's name; in fact we're getting the Ft Lewis Skyhawks to open up the season in mid-November.  Hooray regional punching bags!  The D-II school should prove be no problem as CU tunes up for the Puerto Rico Tip-off.

Additionally, Coach Boyle added a late-December clash with the Privateers of New Orleans.  They're an interesting story, as the program transitions from D-1 all the way down to D-III (!).  You can read up on the Privateers, and their internal struggle with the decision, here and here.  Hoefully CU will ease UNO's passage into athletic purgatory with a resounding win as part of a historic 8-game homestand in the final throes of 2010.

Neither of these squads will help the RPI or Tournament chances, but scheduling is an ugly business.  Someone has to fill the opposing bench of the CEC, and, considering how late in the game we are, this is about as good as Buff fans could expect.  It is funny to note that tickets to these two matchups will theoretically cost me as much as the games against Georgia and the Pac-12 schools...

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