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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick-Post: Kenpom has a raging brainer for Andre Roberson

Ken Pomeroy, who has transcended into the ethereal in the eyes of many basketball junkies, devoted time on his blog this morning to the discussion of Buffs forward Andre Roberson.

Read it.  Do it now.  Like, right fucking now.  Key quote: "His rebounding and defensive numbers almost certainly will be among the best in the nation."  That's some pretty high praise from a guy who knows his stuff.

Kenpom's point on the relative anonymity of 'Dre is fair, to an extent.  I'm sure that beyond us Buff nuts and a few frustrated K-State fans, few have put too much thought into #21.  However, one group who do seem to know him and his capabilities are the crew at, who think highly enough of the springy Texan to have him as high as 4th in their 2013 NBA mock draft (Assuming, of course, that there still is an NBA in 2013).  The word is starting to get out.  'Dre is athletic, smart, and competitive... and a badass.
Cue Michael Bay-esque sweeping shot and dramatic music.  'DRE: "Shit just got real."  From: the Post.
 'Dre was the missing piece from the '09-'10 season that Coach Boyle plugged in to make the '10-'11 squad one of the best in school history.  Think back to Bzdelik's final year; forget the "hyper-Princeton" and all of that, the one glaring weakness was a obscene lack of rebounding on both ends of the court.  To combat this, the incoming Coach Boyle tasked the only holdover from Bzdelik's staff, Coach Abatemarco, with finding someone who could rebound.  "A man he could trust" told Abatemarco that 'Dre was his guy.  Sometimes it's just that easy.

Now, with a year of stunning production under his belt, the lanky San Antonio native is expected to expand on his "hustle" numbers, and to take on a much larger role in the offensive end to help replace the loss of Burks, Higgins, et al.  From what I saw last year, I'm comfortable with these high expectations.  Kenpom is too.


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