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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buffs vs ISU live-blog

Throughout the game I'll be throwing updates onto this post as the game requires.  All you need to do to keep up with the latest goings-on is simply hit refresh.

Here's last year's version for reference.

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(End of game, CU 77-75) THE BUFFS SURVIVE! I have to work for a bit now or my office will explode.  Wrap up later... Alec Burks is my homeboy! 29/15 with 25 points in the 2nd half!


(0:02 2nd Half, CU 77-75)  All CU has to do is get it in and they'll win barring a miracle.

(0:08 2nd Half, CU 77-73) Cory goes to the line to ice it.   Misses the first, but comes through with the 2nd.

(0:16 2nd Half, CU 76-72) 'Dre hits both the free throws.  The kid has been amazing.  A point away from a double-double with 9/15.  It's all down to free throws.

(0:16 2nd Half, CU 74-72) Roberson a big board!  It's all about free throws now.  C'mon freshman!  I am so massively behind on work right now it's silly.

(0:35 2nd Half, CU 74-72) Buffs got the board, but turned it over yet again. It's defense that'll have to get the Buffs the win.

(1:14 2nd Half, CU 74-72) BURKS GIVES CU THE LEAD! 25 second half points, and he has hit some school-yard bullshit type of shots to do it.  Just incredible.

(1:23 2nd Half, 72-72) How was Anderson not the one with the ball?  Garrett takes the shot, misses, and AL Burks (of course) grabs the board.  CU now controls their own destiny. Use the clock boys!

(1:45 2nd Half, ISU 72-72) Al hits the freebie, and it's all tied up. Here we go....

(1:48 2nd Half, ISU 72-71) BURKS HITS A 3 AND IS FOULED! THIS KID DOESN'T KNOW QUIT! (called a 2 after review.  Still though, ice cold shooting)

(2:09 2nd Half, ISU 72-69 ) I'd like to thank the people at work for picking this moment to require assistance.  CU haymakers 5 quick points.

(3:05 2nd Half, ISU 69-64) CU has multiple possessions and cant get a bucket to tie.  ISU runs down and nails a 3.  3 minutes away from the NIT.  Alec Burks is having a fantastic 2nd half, but his teammates can't seem to help him break the Buffs through.

(4:13 2nd Half, ISU 66-64) I got $5 if anyone wants to guard Jake Anderson.  Seriously, $5.

(5:12 2nd Half, ISU 64-62) Alec is getting every call as he goes to the rim. Now has 22 points.

(5:55 2nd Half, ISU 62-57) The Buffs are about to hand KSU a gift.  Instead of having to fight through us, they may get a tune-up against ISU before getting a grudge match against KU.

(6:00 2nd Half, ISU 62-57) There's no excuse today.  On a neutral court, a Tournament team should dominate ISU.  The 'Clones have 13 more attempts than the Buffs do, and coincidentally, CU has 13 turnovers.  Cory finally scores, but Anderson answers for his 27th and 28th points.

(7:10 2nd Half, ISU 58-55) After the UT game, Coach Boyle said if he ever uses a zone, he's flat desperate.  Guess what, the Buffs are in zone now.  It does get a stop, but CU is still down 3At this point, I'm down with triple-teaming Anderson.

(8:10 2nd Half, ISU 58-53) Should CU lose, it'll be because of the play of Jake Anderson.  He is playing unconscious.  26 points, and seems to score on every possession.  Anyone want to guard him?

(9:43 2nd Half, ISU 51-47) The Buffs just cannot stop Jake Anderson from getting to the rack. He is flat beating whoever is placed on him.  Another lay-up gets him to 23 points.

(10:55, 2nd Half, ISU 49-45) Al may not be hitting from the field, but he's getting to the line.  10 points in the half.  For the 'Clones, Jake Anderson is massive; 21 points

(12:00, 2nd Half, ISU 45-44) Lead was short lived.  Even worse, now Austin is out.  He grabbed his 4th foul in sending ISU to the line to regain the lead.  He'll have to sit for a bit, and Burks is back in.  Like a prize fighter, he's going to have to get by on short rest down the stretch.

(12:33, 2nd Half, CU 44-43) Hey, a lead! Al's getting really aggressive, bowls to the line and gets the old fashioned 3-pointer.  12/13 now for Burks.  Both Al and Cory sitting now

(13:00 2nd Half, ISU 43-41 ) Great move by 'Dre.  Get's the offense going to compliment his 11 boards.  However, Calvin Godfrey counters.  While he was offensively quiet early, he just grabbed a big board and converted from the line.

(13:36 2nd Half, ISU 40-39 ) Burks begins to take over, gets to the line through sheer will, and pulls CU within 1.

(14:38 2nd Half, ISU 40-35) Just not going CU's way right now.  ISU getting a call under the basket, and getting a 3-point play.

(15:26 2nd Half, ISU 35-33) CU seems to be stumbling over itself, not sure how to apply their nervous energy. On a fast-break, ISU's Anderson misses an easy layup, only to see CU fumble to easy board out of bounds.

(16:47 2nd Half, ISU 32-31)Burks battles hard, grabs repeated offensive boards, and gets to the line.  Now has 13 rebounds. He may be out of rhythm offensively, but he's battling his ass off.

(17:22 2nd Half, ISU 32-29) 10 turnovers now for CU. 

(18:27 2nd Half, ISU 30-29) Trading blows, the teams come out of half.  Another turnover by Relphorde gives ISU a break opportunity.

(Halftime) FWIW: the Band sounds good.

For the second half, CU needs to limit turnovers and get better looks at the basket.  Defense and rebounding are fine; it's the offense that needs adjustments.  CU only shot 5 free throws, I'd like to see that increase in the 2nd half as well.

20 minutes left to earn that 20th win...

(Halftime) I may or may not have acquired a stream of the gameI can breathe easier now.

(Halftime) Couple of things:
  • Too many turnovers - 9 TO's (5 by Alec) are killing the offense.
  • While I can't see the game right now, I'm agreeing with Mark Johnson that shots are coming too quickly; possessions are flying by.
  • 'Dre has a ridiculous 10 rebounds at the half.
  • Cory hasn't had a basket since the first 5 minutes.  He was hot early, it would be good to get him back in rhythm.
  • 14-5 run by ISU rolled the Buffs, but the 'Clones are only shooting 34%.  Offense needs to step up.

(End of Half, ISU 28-26) Buffs can't get a basket down the stretch, and go into half down 2.  Season's now in trouble.

(1:14 1st Half, ISU 28-26)  Buffs desperately need a good close to the half, ISU has stunned them again. 

(2:46 1st Half, ISU 25-24) Burks has a abysmal 5 turnovers, and CU continues to struggle in the category overall.

(3:30 1st Half, ISU 23-22)  CU has gone 4 1/2 minutes without a pointBurks and Higgins, who had been hot early, need to get back in gear.

(4:15 1st Half, ISU 23-22) End to end stuff.  No one is setting up an offensive set, and rebounds are flowing. Roberson has 8 rebounds, Burks has 6.  

(7:32 1st Haft, CU 22-21) Opponent fieldgoal % was a big issue coming into today.  The Buffs are currently holding the 'Clones to 36%.  If only CU hadn't turned the ball over 7 times, CU would probably have a decent lead.

(8:30 1st Half, CU 20-18) CU reclaims the lead.  Man, these teams love to score against each other.

(11:47 1st Half, ISU 16-13) Calvin Godfrey may not have a point yet, but he has 2 blocks, a steal and 2 boards.  He's again making his presence felt.

(12:50 1st half, ISU 14-13) 'Clones take their first lead of the nightMuch like the Boulder leg, ISU is shooting excellent from range early.  CU has cooled, only making 1 of their last 5 shots.

(14:33 1st half, CU 13-11) Good to see Higgins and Burks going earlyThe duo have 10 of CU's 13 points.

(15:25 1st half, CU 12-7 )  Good job by CU defending well inside, forcing missed layups early, and getting some fast break basketsCU is making good use of their shots, coming out and shooting 5-6 (83%)

(Tip-off, CU 0-0) Here we go.  CU has to contest inside and on the dribble-drive.  Buffs need to establish a defensive theme early.

(Pregame, 1:04PM) Well, it's about to jump off.  We all know what's at stake: a loss dooms CU to the NIT.  A win, and the Buffs stay on the bubble for at least one more day.  It'll come down to defensive adjustments over last Wednesday's performance.  I like the Buffs chances, not only is it a neutral court, but CU is a fantastic team when they're focused.  Last year, with post-season hopes on the line, the Buffs faltered; I expect a different result today (it's a different team, afterall).  Let's go, guys.  GET IT DONE!

(Pregame, 12:43PM)  Buffs now taking the court!  30 minutes to go before tip-off.

Nebraska had a chance, with Keiton Page uncharacteristically missing free throws, but, instead of making a little March magic, they fall on their face and off of the bubble.  Final OSU 53- NU 52.  Now get that red off my court!

(Pregame, 12:30PM) The only time CU and ISU have played in the Big XII tournament was in 1999.  CU won 69-61, and that game was also played in KC.  Just saying....

Nice of the Huskers to crack 50 today...

(Pregame, 12:26PM) Nevermind on the thing.  It's audio only.  Radio it is, I guess.

(Pregame, 12:04PM) While Nebraska continues to comeback against OSU, I'd like to point to an interesting article in the Post from this morning.  The quote that stuck out for me was this from Cory: "We did everything that went against Colorado basketball and what we're trying to establish. We can't let that happen against them here."  

I really expect a completely different effort on defense this afternoon.

(Pregame, 11:29AM) OSU leads Nebraska by 9 at the half.  OSU came shooting lights out, and the Huskers are only shooting a meager 23% from the field.  Nebraska's defense dares you to stay outside, and OSU burned them for it early.  I expect OSU's outside shooting to regress to the mean in the 2nd, and for the Huskers to comeback slowly, but surely. 

(Pregame, 10:21AM) I'm starting to make sure everything is set for the game.  With the seizure of free streaming sites like channelsurfing, and the blackout of the game on ESPN3, I've had to turn to to watch the game at work.  It's $10 for the lowest package; total bullshit, but I could think of worse ways to waste a Hamilton. 

I'm sitting here in my Michel Morandais game-worn warm-up, hoping for a little '03 magic.  Can't wait for game-time, and I'll check back in at half-time of the Husker-Cowboy game.


dillon said...

I've been trying every workaround for the blackout on ESPN 3 and getting no where. I truly hate you right now ESPN. Truly.

RumblinBuff said...

Yeah, they can suck a bag of dicks. They realize that if I cant see the game, then they can't get ad revenue for my viewership, right?

Also, a big "Fuck You" to the DHS for seizing channelsurfing.

Rico said...

So there I was, sitting in the QA lab with literally gallons of beer around me while I watched the gamecast of the game and I couldn't drink any of it.

RumblinBuff said...

'bout the 5 minute mark I'd have risked a firing to drink my sorrows away. Thank God they came back.