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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quick Post: On Jeremy Adams and a deep bench

When you look at the stat lines from Friday night, one thing that jumps out is that the Buffs not only played nine, they played nine confidently.  Everyone who saw the court played at least 10 minutes, and everyone scored.  Sure, the level of competition and state of the calendar had a lot to do with that, but going nine deep speaks to the quality of the roster, and the versatility that Coach Boyle has afforded himself.

The big secret, however, is by this time next week the Buffs could confidently go ten deep if needed.  That is, of course, dependent on the return of veteran swing guard Jeremy Adams.  When healthy, Jeremy can be a decent contributor off the bench. A small, yet charismatic piece of the larger Buffs puzzle.  His size alone makes for a difficult matchup problem (6-5, 220 - biggest non-forward on the roster), and he's one of the few upperclassmen who can be counted on to produce in-game.

... when healthy being the key phrase.  Recent difficulties with his knee are only the latest in an unfortunately familiar refrain, and he has yet to stay healthy long enough to translate his best work from the practice courts to the CEC.  To that end, Coach Boyle recognizes his value, and has been quietly prodding him to fight through nagging injuries, and get back on the court where he can contribute. 

Whether a product of healing or Coach Boyle's subtle hints about the grit of Shane Harris-Tunks, for the first time since the summer Adams was a full participant at yesterday's practice. He's not expected to be fully back in the rotation this weekend in Charleston, with Coach Boyle instead deferring to players who have been practicing the last few weeks, but there's now an identifiable timetable to seeing Jeremy back in action.

This can only be good news, as the Buffs are a better team with him in the picture.  With him back on the court, the roster can finally slot into place as was intended, with Adams grabbing 10-15 minutes as the 7th/8th man. It will take pressure off of young reserves like the Xaviers Johnson and Talton, and lend greater flexibility to substitution patterns.

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