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Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick-Post: A (mostly) tongue-in-cheek proposal

We are all familiar with the Rock Mountain Showdown's continuing attendance issues.  With both CU and CSU putting forth, frankly, pathetic efforts on the gridiron, the prospect of seeing bad football in an out-of-the-way and expensive locale isn't moving the needle like the schools had hoped when they signed the 10-year deal in 2009.  The inflated attendance statistics can't cover up the fact that no one cares anymore.  The game has become a symbol of the withering soul of non-professional football in this state, and has long since entered 'embarrassment' territory.

So, why not replace this sham of a marquee game with an event that not only shows off the best this state has to offer, but one that people would be happy to plunk down money for?  An event that the entire State of Colorado can be proud of. 

Why not replace the football disaster with the Rocky Mountain Hardwood Showdown?

Just think of it.  Boyle vs Eustachy, two rising regional programs that are testaments to their institutions, on a grand stage.  You could still host at Invesco, with the court set up at midfield.  You could even have DU vs Air Force as a local primer before the Buffs and Rams tip-off.  It'd be like Colorado's version of those aircraft carrier games made popular over the last few years.

What's more, I'll bet you that the actual butts-in-seats attendance for my Hardwood Showdown would kick the crap out of what it will actually be come Sept 1st for the football game.

Unfortunately, we're still stuck with that ugly boil of a football matchup. *sigh*

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