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Thursday, October 10, 2013

UPDATED - Quick Post: Season Basketball Tickets Sold Out!

If you were still waffling on whether or not to pick up one of the few remaining season ticket packages for the 2013-14 men's basketball campaign, you've missed the boat as CU announced today that all season tickets have been SOLD OUT!  What few single-seats remain are being sold through today's season ticket holder sale, tomorrow's Buff Club sale, and a registered fan sale on Monday.  Beyond that, however, there isn't a seat to be had... a full month before opening night, no less. (Student tickets are still available... for now.)
A packed CEC, now a familiar sight.  From: the alumni association
The news today only continues the incredible string of ticket sales figures that have accompanied three-straight years of unparalleled success for Colorado Basketball.  After averaging over 10,000 fans last season, the Buffs should be near the 11,064 seat capacity of the CEC every night this winter.   CU basketball, once a laughing stock, is now the hottest ticket on the Front Range.  Suck on that.

And to the 100s of KU fans, who, undoubtedly, helped Colorado reach this milestone by buying season ticket packages for the one game they care about, I say thank you.  Your donations to the Buff Club are greatly appreciated.  As for the rest of your blue and red cronies who won't be able to attend because CU is a basketball school now, I can only remind you that the game will be shown on ESPN2.  I hope you have a comfortable couch.


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