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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The Utah Jazz continue to allow former CU hoops sensation Alec Burks languish on the bench.  Through five games this season, Burks has only been afforded a paltry 30 minutes of action, with one DNP; most of that playing time has come in 2nd half garbage time to boot.  The Jazz seem to think him only capable of playing the 11th man role on a team floundering in the early going.

The thing is, his forgotten status is not for lack of early production.  In those scant 30 minutes of court time, Alec has 24 points on 59% shooting.  In a extremely quiet coming out party last week in Denver, when Jazz Coach Tyrone Corbin threw Burks a bone with 10 minutes in his "home" city, Alec responded with 15 points and 2 steals.  (A performance that was followed up with the head coach deciding it best not to play young Alec at all two nights later against Philly) 
Where's the court?  Where's the opponent?  The Jazz are short changing their young guard.
His Hollinger PER rating is a ridiculous 31.75.  Granted in few minutes, but still, you can't say the kid hasn't made the most of his time.

What the blazing hell is going on in SLC?  Not only are the Jazz a sub-par Western Conference squad, but they're currently awash in a hardcore youth movement.  A first-round draft pick, who is being paid a hefty, guaranteed sum, for a team running a serious youth-movement should certainly figure to see the court in a rational world.  (I keep forgetting that this world is irrational)  Does the world really deserve the punishment that is 20 minutes per night from Raja Bell at Alec's expense?

Did Alec forget his P's and Q's in Mormon-land?  Was he caught drinking, *gasp*, a beer (although... he isn't 21 yet...)?  Perhaps Coach Corbin just can't get his name right, constantly telling the scorer he's putting in 'Alex,' only to realize, too late, that there is no 'Alex' on the roster? 

Whatever the reason, it's bullshit, and the Jazz need to free the wunderkind from Grandview, MO to roam the land of the NBA giants.  Tonight would be a great time to start, as the Jazz host the Milwaukee Bucks, who themselves seemed destined to draft Alec over the summer.
You spent a first round pick and millions of cash on the kid; the very least you could do is play him.
If the Jazz don't want to use him this season, I'm sure Coach Boyle would welcome him back to Boulder, where his talents are appreciated.

C'mon Corbin, sack up and #FreeAlecBurks

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