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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick Post: The end of the Darrell Scott Era of College Football

Last night I came across a bit of news that forced a chuckle.  South Florida RB Darrell Scott, yes that Darrell Scott, is skipping his final year of collegiate eligibility, and declaring for the NFL Draft.

His redshirt junior campaign in Tampa saw the one time 5-star phenom rack up a light 814 yards and 5 scores.  While he did rush for over 5 yards per carry, those aren't numbers that jump off the page and lead you to believe that the kid is ready for NFL work.  That he only accomplished that much against weak Big East competition is even more worrisome.

Overall, through spotty play over three seasons, the man many predicted would be a home run, can't miss prospect amassed a paltry 1,252 career rushing yards and 6 scores.  Even if you put that together, it's a decent, at best, season.  By far his best game was this season's 146 yard, 3 TD performance against the vaunted Rattlers of Florida A&M.  Besides that, he only rumbled to one other 100 yard performance in his career.  Not exactly what recruiters thought they were fighting over back in '07/'08.
He did manage to make blowing past Ball St look easy... so he's got that going for him, which is nice.
What I've always perceived of Darrell's career is that he was never that interested in being a collegiate back; his goal was always the NFL.  College was just an inconvenient road block on the way to his destiny.  I guess he figures four years is four years, and he's ready to jump ship.... RIGHT NOW.

But there are some underlying issues that can't be looked past.  That lack of focus on the collegiate game, that impatience to crack an NFL roster, lead to a career that constantly saw him on the sidelines, rather than in a game.  Out of shape, prone to injuries, and absent when needed were the hallmarks of his tenure in college football.  I know the NFL mostly looks at workouts, rather than stats and in-game performance, but that's a hard sentence to overlook for an NFL scout.

Just look at this article from a USF fansite.  After noting that Darrell's performance tailed off against better competition, and as the season wore on, comes this note:
"Scott provided some power to the USF backfield, but was inconsistent at times and battled several injuries, starting with a hamstring in spring and concussion like symptoms later in the season.  He had solid numbers and has the NFL-size body, but did not have the consistent production when it mattered most to make him an NFL-ready running back."
Woof.  That sounds familiar.  Good to know it's the same Darrell I knew and loved from watching him stand on the sideline and run away when a more dedicated and deserving back took the majority of playing time.  My friends and I used to call him the "Lawn Chair," because he was only good for two things: folding and sitting.  Good thing he didn't last this long in Boulder, because Coach Bieniemy would've broken him like a child's toy.
In this picture, Scott celebrates as others do the whole 'effort' thing; not an uncommon sight in his career.  From: the Post
Whatever, the book is closed.  I hope things turn out alright for him.  Shame all that promise looks to have been wasted.  Maybe I'm wrong, maybe he is destined to be an NFL star, and I'm just missing it.  I bet I'm not, however.  Peace be the Journey, Darrell.


Aaron Jordan said...

If you declare for the draft, and don't get drafted, can you come back for your senior year?

RumblinBuff said...

Nope, even if you don't sign with an agent, you have to pull your name out before the draft.