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Friday, June 28, 2013

Draft Wrap: Andre Roberson is a Thunder

Yesterday, in my draft preview, I sided with the rising tide by predicting that Andre Roberson would ride his fantastic rebounding numbers and defensive flexibility into an early second round selection in Thursday's NBA Draft.  I was wrong.  In fact, 'Dre didn't get picked at any point in the second round.

In a draft filled with unexpected twists, 'Dre was, instead, selected in the FUCKING FIRST ROUND by the Minnesota Timberwolves!  That selection, 26th overall, was later traded, through the Golden State Warriors, to the Oklahoma City Thunder.  

Doubters be damned, 'Dre got exactly what he wanted.  The first round selection comes with the security of a guaranteed contract (which, according to, will be worth at least $2 million over his first two years), and the reigning Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year wound up on a fantastic team, to boot. Any questions about his decision to turn pro have been laid to rest.

Congratulations to Andre Roberson and his family! Ladies and gentlemen, it's celebration time!

I can't in good conscience say I'm shocked.  Pre-draft momentum was on his side, and statisticians - who are, slowly but surely, take over the game - loved his profile, but a first round pick?  I don't think anyone outside of the Roberson camp saw that coming. 

I was definitely surprised by the result, as was Coach Tad Boyle. The CU head man was honest back in April that he was against 'Dre turning pro this year, and was just as honest in receiving the news yesterday evening.  Texting Roberson, Boyle submitted a mea culpa by saying, "What the hell do I know? Congratulations," and following up by telling's B.G. Brooks, “It absolutely surprises me, but I’m so proud of him. (It's) good for our program and our fans – everyone wins.”

Indeed.  Everyone wins. (Except for John Henderson. Fuck him.)


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