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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Grab Bag: Hooray, we kept 'em under 50!

Lucky for CU, the fight'n Andrew Luck's from Stanford got bored with tossing CU around and turned off the gas before they cracked 50.  I CLAIM VICTORY!

Today in the bag, I'll look back on the game, such as it was, from Saturday, continue to fellate the Luck mythos, and take a look around football nation.

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As Expected -

As the Buffs were recovering the opening kickoff, I jokingly claimed victory, shot out of my seat, turned off the TV, and sprinted out of the room.  While I did return, hoping to see CU take a lead in a game they were doomed to lose big, I probably should've stayed away.  While CU did recover that opening kick-off, for once taking advantage of an opponent's special teams blunders, they proceeded to fuck up the ensuing field goal attempt (of course), leaving an open lane for Stanford to break-through and block the kick for a gut-punch return touchdown.  This was only the beginning of a day devoid of much for Buff fans to crow about.
Stanford ran right past CU on Saturday.  No one was surprised by this.  From: the BDC
The stat line looks similar to that of other Stanford games this season: CU grabbed over well 200 yards through the air, but couldn't run the ball, while the Stanford offense could do pretty much whatever it wanted.  All told, the Cardinal racked up 553 yards of offense without having to punt once.  Essentially, the game went down exactly as it should've

Effortless - 

The great Andrew Luck was hardly challenged by CU's rag-tag, 'Z'-team collection of defensive backs.  He completed over 78% of his passes for 370 yards and 3 scores.  Yes, he was picked off once, but that was a result of receiver fail and the Colorado defender happened to be in position to take advantage (Congrats to Terrell Smith, he'll be able to tell his kids about that one day).
Luck could, and did, do what he wanted throughout the game.

Throughout the evening, the one word that kept popping into mind was 'effortless'.  It appeared as if it took the future NFL star little-to-no effort to shred CU's defensive backfield.  The Buffs D, for both injury and personnel reasons, didn't belong on the same field as Luck; I don't know how many college defenses really do at this point.

The fact of the matter is that he's ready for the pros... like, right fucking now.  Andrew Luck could, if allowed, declare himself for the NFL tomorrow, be supplementally drafted by any one of 15 teams in immediate need of a QB, and start next Sunday.  I'm not kidding.

Notes from around the nation of football - 

College Football

tOSU @ Nebraska - Fuckin' Buckeyes.  Up 27-6 halfway through the 3rd quarter, they should've waltzed to victory.  Instead, Braxton Miller gets hurt, and they decided to pull a Sexy Rex Grossman with the immortal Joe Bauserman.  When are coaches going to stop throwing deep with a 3-score lead?  *Sigh*...

Florida @ LSU - I have nightmares of LSU's defense in my sleep. 

Oklahoma vs Texas - Bob Stoops does not give a fuck.  Up big in the 4th quarter, he was still going for it on 4th down.  I may not like OU, even hate every single person in that fanbase, but UT got what it deserved Saturday.

Illinois @ Indiana - My 2011 surrogate team (the team I root for since CU is crapping their pants) is the Fighting Illini.  They are 6-0.  I-L-L!


Chargers @ Broncos - Hey Bronco Nation, give me a call when Timmy Tebow begins executing downfield passes with any regularity.  Bill Belichick will literally take a dump on his head if he's still in come Week 15.

Seahawks @ Giants - Eli Manning cost me a shot at $340 in my reverse suicide pool.  Thanks a lot.

Raiders @ Texans - Good on the Raiders for winning one in Al's memory.  When they win the AFC West, I hope no one is shocked.

Happy Monday!


Goose said...

I'm officially a self-loathing Broncos fan at this point. Ugh. End the season so we can get a QB.

RumblinBuff said...

Suck-4-Luck! Suck-4-Luck! Suck-4-Luck! Suck-4-Luck! Suck-4-Luck! Suck-4-Luck!