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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick Post: Leaving games early

Yesterday, at his weekly press conference, Coach Embree praised CU fans for sticking it out and supporting the team last Saturday against Oregon.  Indeed, I was pleased to see a full stadium Saturday afternoon.  It helped that the weather on Homecoming was gorgeous, and that the ski slopes hadn't completely opened yet, but still, Buff Nation stepped up.

However, it's time to enter the confessional: I left at halftime Saturday afternoon.  Actually, it was more like I sprinted out of the stadium at halftime last Saturday. 

I had seen everything I needed to see Saturday, and found the prospect of a Big City Burrito far more enticing than the second half of a game that stopped being competitive with 13:24 to go in the first quarter. While it was Homecoming, the marching band, through the canceling of its traditional homecoming program, had made it abundantly clear that it wanted nothing to do with its alumni, so I didn't even have the prospect of playing some tuba like I usually do on Homecoming weekend. 

In all honesty, I got bored.  I showed up, sang the fight song, watched some Ralphie, and left.  I'm not proud of it, if fact I'm a little ashamed.

But, I have to ask, is it ever acceptable to leave a game early? 


ninzaburo said...

I left early for the same reasons you did. I wanted to support the team but didn't want to take my whole day watching them get demolished at the same time. Hypocrites we be.

Aaron Jordan said...

I think it is perfectly acceptable in some cases, and Saturday was a great case. You showed up to a game you know was going to be a loss, and you stuck it out to see what your team would do knowing they couldn't win. The Buffs couldn't score even against a sub-par Oregon defense. I will always be a Buffs fan, but I would have considered leaving as well.

On a side note, what gives with the alumni band thing? Literally every alumni I have talked to hates the every other year thing, what is McMurray getting out of it?

RumblinBuff said...

I hate being a hypocrite :-(


His reasoning, as I heard it was declining participation. Whatever. I'm really pushing the basketball band so that those of us who care can at least have some outlet.