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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The 12 Days of Buffs-mas

A Merry Buffs-mas to you all!  As the calendar runs short of pages, I thought it would be appropriate to present a contrived holiday post.  This is a list of what I want to find under my tree this year.

Click below for the contrived fun...

On the 12th day of Buffs-mas, Chip gave to me...

12 Boards from 'Dre (per game)

11 Raphies Running

10 Memories of Alec 

9 - Drunken Coeds
From: the Big Lead

8 Husker Losses

7 Conference Wins (at least; hoops)

6 Dimes from Nate (at this point, total)


4 Years from Josh Scott

Improved 3-point shooting

2 Strutting Embrees

And a Trip to a Fucking Bowl Game!
Note: actual photo from the last CU bowl trip.

Merry Chrisma-Hanu-Kwan-New Years!  Go Buffs!


Goose said...

Only 9 coeds? Damn.

Aaron Jordan said...

Haha, the bowl game part was my favorite.

RumblinBuff said...

Dude, I'll start with nine. If I can fit more into an evening, I'll go from there.

jgisland said...

amazing, my favorite has to be "6 Dimes from Nate (at this point, total"