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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quick Post: On Non-conference Attendance

I massively underestimated the CU fanbase. 

Back in September, I hoped for a 15% bump in non-conference attendance.  In fact, Buffs fans swarmed the gates of the CEC to the tune of a 49% increase over the past 4-year average I was basing projections on.  What I gingerly asked for was 33,500 in total attendance; what I got was 42,418 for a respectable average of 6,060.  That number is huge for this program, and far outpaces the previous best during my decade in the Foothills (4,416 in '02-'03).

Congrats Buffs fans, you've done your part so far this season.  Keep up the good work, and keep supporting Our Buffs!

I now owe everyone a coke.


Aaron Jordan said...

It's great to see crowds like we have this year. Hopefully it continues because we are putting the pieces in place to become a pretty legit basketball program.

RumblinBuff said...

The fans are certainly supporting this team, even though things aren't as pretty as last season.

Still, only 6,500 showed up last Saturday. Yes, the legitimate excuses are many (New Year's Eve, Students still out of town, and a spectacularly awful opponent), but that's less than I had hoped considering a cheap ticket deal and the prospect of the first Pac-12 game. Thursday night better see a packed house, the team will need it to beat UW.