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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On BrittFar and The World Wide Leader

Yesterday, whilst I was trying to have a tame and enjoyable lunch, ESPN came at me with the "news" (and I use that term as loosely as possible) that, according to "sources familiar," good old Brett Favre would listen to My Bears, if contacted, to fill in for injured QB Jay Cutler.

My approximate reaction:

Holy Hell on a Stick!  What kind of bullshit "reporter" would waste his journalism degree by dredging up that waste of time.  Who thinks that's news?  Asking some 87 year old quarterback if he'd like to play isn't news.  If there was some Bears source that said there was any level of interest, that may have been worthy of the "Breaking News" treatment afforded the story yesterday afternoon.

The Bears, of course, have no interest in signing a old-ass QB with no remaining arm strength and a penchant for costing his team wins.  I could've told you that Sunday night.  With a gun to my head I would've unhesitatingly said 'no' to the very notion.  The Bears may be quite desperate without the services of Jay Cutler and Matt Forte, but no one is that desperate.  The idea is ludicrous.

Was the reporter just bored in the office, and thought that this would be a funny gag to pull on a Monday afternoon?  This guy went to a "J" school, right?  He didn't just show up one day, asking for a job with a background in physics, or some such nonsense, right?  

I'm sure it had something to do with the complete lack of interest shown by the Bears in signing Donovan McNabb.  Without one media darling to blather on about, ESPN was desperate for some other "media-friendly" angle to the whole "Jay-Cutler-is-injured-and-Caleb-Hanie-isn't-an-NFL-QB" story.  Additionally, I bet the bosses in Bristol had been waiting all season to drag this out when a contender in a big market had a QB go down.  Give it up, ESPN.  He's gone, and that Golden Goose will lay no more eggs.  You'll have to find some other aging warrior to drizzle your jizz over.

What a bunch of whores; does anyone even remember when that place had integrity?  This is just a recent example why places such as Yahoo Sports and SBNation are far more reliable and interesting sources for sports news and opinion. 

Note: Normally, at some point in the opening paragraph, I'd have done the whole "courtesy thing," and linked to the offending article and named the offending "journalist."  However, in this case, with the piece in question being a blatant ploy for cheap hits, and the "journalist" having proven unworthy of any level of courtesy through bald-faced concern trolling, I have chosen not to afford the author, his specific forum, or his article this courtesy.  They can suck a bag of dicks. 

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