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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Quick Post: Teasing New Orleans

The non-conference portion of the schedule concludes tonight with a tussle against the Privateers from New Orleans.  Tip-off is scheduled for 7:07, and ROOT Sports, for some reason I can't comprehend, decided to broadcast the proceedings (which is good news for UNO fans, as this is their only televised game on the schedule).  If you can't break out of your post-Christmas malaise to hump in up to Boulder, at least you can watch the action on the tube.

Almost as an afterthought, CU scheduled this game at the last minute to fill a nine day gap in the schedule.  This manner of scheduling is reminiscent of last season, when a half-hearted effort against Western New Mexico kept the engines warm as the team waited for conference play to begin.  A resulting 3-0 start to conference play ensured that we'd see a repeat of that scheduling this season; so bring on the Privateers.
That's a mighty fine looking logo you got there.
As we all know from religiously watching West Wing, a Privateer is essentially a pirate whose actions are sanctioned by a government; they also formed the backbone of our colonial navy, and can be your qualifying family member for organizations such as the Daughters of the American Revolution.
(Related clip)

I post that ridiculous clip because I'm stalling for time; previewing New Orleans would be like previewing a battle between a hammer and a nail.  These Privateers from the University of New Orleans, as I've mentioned several times, are destined for lesser things, as the school moves its athletic programs to Division II.  As a result, they should pose no challenge; schedule filler in its rawest form.

 I could try to justify some imminent danger posed by UNO, but realistically there's no chance of them pulling an upset tonight.  Oh, sure, the struggling Buffs could lay an egg and let the Privateers lead for a few minutes, but tonight will end in a CU victory, one way or the other.  Seriously, if CU somehow loses to these guys, they might as well close up shop for the season.

CU 79 - UNO 51


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