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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Have you put a deposit down on basketball season tickets?

Look up at the right side of this page, we're well under two months to go until basketball season starts.  That means we're just that much closer to watching the defending Pac-12 champions take the court.  But, will you be there to watch them?  You damn well better be, especially if I know where you live *shakes fist*.

All kidding aside, there's been plenty of excitement in the CEC over the past few years, and there's no reason you shouldn't be a part of it.  Of all the available sporting events in the Denver/Boulder Metro Area, CU Basketball offers the most bang for your buck.  Last season, a GA season package was available for $60, meaning each of the 16 home games cost less than $4.  Throw in free parking, reasonable concession prices, access to the club room, and guaranteed seats to watch a program that has gone 32-4 in Boulder over the last two seasons, and you can't find a better deal in the 303.

Tickets are becoming more and more scarce as word gets out that the CEC is the place to be in the winter.  Last year alone, CU averaged 10,054 in home conference games after winter break, just about 1k under capacity.  Add to that the nine sellouts over the past two seasons, and the days of being able to find plenty of good seats to games at the last minute are dwindling fast.

To ice the cake, buying season tickets this year also allows BuffNation to enact some payback by screwing over Kansas Jayhawk fans.  There has been no one more frustrated over the high percentage of Kansas fans attending the KU/CU games over the years than I.  With the Circus Chickens returning to Boulder next winter, it presents BuffNaiton with an interesting opportunity to do something about it.

There used to be this father and son who had season tickets a few rows in front of me.  They'd show up to a few games in the fall, dressed in non-Buffs wear, and sit silently, whispering back and forth as the season progressed.  Then, come January, they'd show up to the KU game in five layers of Jayhawk gear.  After the game, their seats would go empty for the rest of the season, and after the switch to the Pac-12 they were gone permanently.  You see, for these die-hard Kansas fans, it was cheaper for them to buy season tickets to CU then to travel and scalp for one game in Allen Fieldhouse.  The worst part? They didn't even have the common courtesy to pretend to like CU during a non-KU game. 

The point is, if you have never gotten season tickets before, you have an opportunity to do two things:
  • 1) Get some great (and cheap) seats to one of the most exciting up-and-coming programs in the nation.
  • 2) Deny those carpet-bagging Jayhawk fans the opportunity to move in on our party next year when the KU comes back to Boulder.
Those fans will undoubtedly try to be back in 2013. However, having given up their carpet-bagger seats last year due to conference re-alignment, they'll have to try and find new, available ones.  If we in BuffNation eat up all available season tickets through a massive increase in sales this season, KU fans will have no place to turn to next fall, and the descending horde of Jayhawk fans will be greatly reduced in number.  The Buffs will have claimed a small victory before the ball is even tipped off.

If you haven't yet become a season-ticket holder for men's basketball, now's the time to jump on board.  While general ticketing isn't yet available as the AD office sorts through the large number of renewals, you can put your name down on the ordering wait list here

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