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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quick Post: UCSB wrap

'Lackadaisical... we didn't listen to instructions, we didn't listen to the scouting report."  That was how sophomore forward Xavier Johnson summed up CU's performance this evening on AM760.  The sorrowful tone was a common theme throughout the evening, as Buff after Buff expressed how disappointed they were in their effort.  I don't disagree with their analysis.

It's hard, then, to reconcile the fact that Colorado managed to beat the UC-Santa Barbara Gauchos, 76-68. Talent does, occasionally, manage to carry undeserving teams to victory, and that was the case here.

That's not to say the Buffs were completely out of sorts tonight.  Lead by Spencer Dinwiddie's 24-point performance, many in white had nice offensive stat lines.  While Josh Scott didn't score for the first 35 minutes of the game, others stepped up, and, in general, Colorado did enough with the ball in their hands.  It certainly doesn't hurt that CU was 28-36 from the free throw line, while the Gauchos were only 5-8.  The refs and an often times awkward whistle had a hand in victory.
Those begging for 'the Mayor' to take charge got what they have been asking for Thursday.  From: the BDC.
Defense, however, was much more of a problem. The Buffs were slow to recognize dangerous shooters, and unfocused off of screens.  How else do you explain reserve Santa Barbara guard Taran Brown going 7-10 from beyond the arc, 5-5 in the first half?  Perimeter defense has long been a thorn in Colorado's side, but it seems like teams are able to take advantage on a nightly basis without sufficient adjustments from our heroes. It's the primary deficiency that will keep this team from living up to its' potential.

The simple truth is that the Buffs have run out of time. The mental lapses, indecision, and 'lackadaisical' play that defined much of the opening six games will only bring them losses from here on out.  They're largely lucky to be 5-1, but luck and talent alone won't be enough against teams like Harvard (Sunday) and Kansas (two weeks).  Without some changes, and quick ones at that, the Buffs are in trouble.

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