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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CU Football and the "Illusion of Regret"

Last week, ESPN columnist Bill Simmons talked about his theory of the Illusion of Regret to talk about the problems with the current NBA financial system. Basically, he theorizes that the only way the current system works is if fans of lower level teams get caught up in the possibilities that future seasons might hold, and continue to buy season tickets to watch a lower grade of product. For example, the only reason to keep up with Knicks tickets over the past two years has been "I have to keep these seats in case we get LeBron!"

I have been wrestling with this phenomenon over the past few days because my CU football season ticket renewal form just arrived in the mail. Over my history of purchasing season tickets, the football team has gone a collective *cough* 16-32 *cough*. That is blatantly not acceptable in order to get me to cough up $400 every year. I am, however, given pause because of the possibilities the future may hold.

Obviously, college football is not like professional basketball. CU is going to be hard pressed to come up with an influx of talent that could contribute right away like LeBron will contribute to the lucky winner of the "LeBron Sweepstakes." There is no draft in college football like there is in the NFL that will, in essence, provide a bailout of young talent. So what future possibilities am I talking about?

There is always hope. Hope that the team could turn it around. There is a good young corps of receivers (even with the Simas question mark) that could, eventually, team up with Tyler Hansen or even Nick Hirshman (But not Cody, cause... you know....). Speedy Stewart is still an talented short use back. There is a bevy of possibly good talent on both lines and in the linebacking corps. Jimmy Smith may be a top 5 corner. If someone (anyone) could get these guys to live up to potential, they might, just, be able to string something together.

Because of the hope, there is always fear. Fear that, should Hawk and his staff turn it around, I won't be there to see it. No one wants to be left on the sidelines of a rockin' party. Folsom Field, when loaded to the brim during a great game, is one of the few paradises left on earth. What if CU is 3-0 going into the Georgia game next year? I wouldn't be able to stand missing that.

Is that a good enough reason to dump $400? I have no idea. I honestly have no idea if I'm going to want to re-up my tickets for this year. My seats aren't in a spot that I'd hate to lose them (And, considering the number of people leaving right now, I might even be able to easily upgrade when I return), so that's not a consideration. And I see the future of the program as being very volatile, so future changes aren't a given to be factored in. It all comes down to the "Illusion of Regret" for this upcoming season. Do I perceive the situation to house enough potential regret to get me to pull the trigger on this season alone.

I just don't know.

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