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Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Grab Bag: Brady Quinn Update

Regretably, I forgot to include my thoughts on Brady Quinn going to the Broncos in the grab bag. Let me get this out of the way: Kyle Orton is a better NFL QB than Quinn. Orton may not have the measurables, but til the day that Kyle retires, I will defend his ability to play to the hilt. He wins. And, yes Herm Edwards, YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. Brady Quinn, much like Jimmy Clausen in this years draft, is less than the sum of his parts. For one reason or another, Quinn just isn't "the one." Sure he'll throw some great looking balls, with a nice spiral. But, he isn't going to lead the 'cos to where they want to be. Kyle Orton may not be that guy, but Brady Quinn sure as hell isn't either. Not convinced Broncos fans? Let's put this in simple terms: The Browns would rather have Seneca Wallace and Jake Dellhome than Brady Quinn. That's good enough reason to doubt the kid for me.

(The one on the right is your new Denver Broncos QB.)

But, yet again, the Bears look dumb. The Broncos gave up almost nothing to get an over-hyped "face-of-the-franchise" QB. They Bears gave up almost everything. (I'm sorry, but just because Peyton Hillis does "everything" and plays "hard" doesn't equal the bajillion draft picks the Bears gave up for Le Sulk.) Still the dumbest trade ever, the Cutler trade just got worse today. I may never get a handle on player valuation in the NFL, but I sure as hell know that when you can get Brady Quinn (Who Bears fans would've loved just as much as Le Sulk. Being from Notre Dame and all...) for peanuts, then giving up a year and a half's worth of draft picks for his SEC equivalent is moronic. Nice work Bears, keep fucking that chicken.

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