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Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Grab Bag:

The Olympics are over. Now for baseball and the Tourney.

Men's Hockey Final: Everyone in the media has been playing up the "good for Canada, they needed this more than us" angle on the game (That's essentially like saying "It's good the Yankees won the World Series, they needed it more than the 29 other fan bases"). Why? It's OK to be bitter, it's OK to want your team to win. Screw the other guys! (It's the 'Muriken way) The media's attempts to pass off the loss are a subtle way of getting back to not caring about hockey. Losing sucks, that's why I love sports where there is a winner and a loser. Being happy with a strong 2nd place finish pisses me off. Show you care, damn it!

(Zach Parise: an (almost) Golden God. link)

Men's Bobsled Gold: I'd be a lot happier about this victory if NBC didn't keep showing bobsledder Curt Tomasevicz's father in the stands. Curt went to, and played football for, Nebraska (the N is for nowledge!). He even was on the all-Big XII academic team (read: rode the bench). Curt's father decided that the appropriate colors to fly for the event were Nebraska colors, wearing a Nebraska coat and bright red Nebraska hat. It's the Olympics, and Nebraska is not a country! At least make an attempt. Couldn't someone have gotten him some red white and blue lederhosen?

Closing Ceremonies: Didn't watch. Heard Rush was going to perform (Yay!), then they didn't (WTF!). 'Cause there will be another time to show them off to the world?

We Talkin' Bout Practice: The White Sox are holding a "practice" game tomorrow vs the Dodgers. This is before the regularly scheduled Spring Training schedule kicks off. To sum up: we're getting practice games before our regularly scheduled practice games now.

CU beats ISU: It's all going according to plan... MWAAAHAAHAA. Cory Higgins was outstanding (33 pts!), Casey Crawford (!) put up big numbers in only 12 minutes of second half action, and CU was (barely) able to contain Marquis Gilstrap. (Man do I wish the Buffs had a player like him.) The big test will be the game on Wednesday. The team hasn't won on the road in over 30 Big XII games, but Nebraska is a very weak opponent. That monkey on CU's back is pretty heavy, however, so they shouldn't be approaching this game with anything but their highest level of focus. Currently, CU is tied for 8th place, which is where they need to be. It's almost time to embarrass Jeff Capel again...

(Cory literally bending over backwards to get CU the win. From: The BDC)

Happy Monday!

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