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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In latest Harris Poll, the neighborhood cat has a 73% approval rating

Every morning I wake up, take a shower, get back in bed, and turn on Sportscenter before heading off to work. For many "red-blooded American men" this routine is familiar. But Sportscenter can sometimes piss me off. Usually I let the "Bristol Bullshit" slide. I understand that ESPN needs to trot out celebrities, cross promote, and play up trifling crap to bring in the non-sports fan. It's how they make money. It's easier to just let it go then get in a huff about it.

(Howudoin' Hannah. A morning without my daily Hannah is a morning wasted. Also pictured: some guy.)

This morning, however Sportscenter went too far. They dropped this bomb shell: Tiger Woods only has a 39% approval rating. The Fuck?

I honestly feel awful for the poor Schmuck who had to run this poll. While other pollsters run around gathering America's pulse on political matters, and thereby basically driving policy and conversation in this country, this poor, unlucky fool had to gather data on whether or not American's "approve" of a golfer. What is there to approve of. He golfs. Well, I guess I do approve of his conventional back-swing. But that's not the point.
(I certainly don't approve of that choice of shirt. That's, like, sooo last year)

The Cult of Personality that courses throughout this country is massively aggravating. As far as I see it, as long as the law was not violated, it is not the public's business what Tiger did, or did not, do. Just because someone gets their own line of Gatorade, we as a society should not be allowed to "approve" or "dis-approve" of their private lives. Tiger is only responsible to his family, his friends, his sponsors, the PGA, and his faith. That's it. The over 1000 people polled have absolutely no say in his life.

You need to get that crap off of my TV, Sportscenter. I'll even take NASCAR news over that muck-raking swill.


Rico said...

It would be different of Tiger played golf on the "family values" platform; but he doesn't. He plays to win the game and make money doing it. The press had a perpetual hard-on about Tiger's infidelity because it was their first glimpse into his private life - which I really could care less about.

RumblinBuff said...

well said