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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Beer Post: Beer Festival at the Fox

Considering my love of beer variety and trying out new flavors, it should come as no surprise that I love beer festivals. Obviously, the big one in Denver (Great American Beer Festival) is king, but others (The Big Beer festival in Vail) have great things to offer. They're always wondrous fun, and I look forward to them every year, which is why I noted with great interest that a new one is springing up on my doorstep.

Jay Kriner of the Beer Clothing Company in Boulder is organizing the inaugural Boulder Brew and Music Festival. A combination brew fest and rock concert, the event will take place at the Fox Theater in Downtown Boulder on May 1st. Some 25 different breweries are slated to be there, and tickets for the beer portion are only $35. Mr Kriner (Who's company I have been meaning to visit on The Hill for some time now) was quoted in the BDC as saying "We want this to be something where you can bring out the lawn chair and hang out." That's certainly a noble mission.

I really like the sound of this one. Boulder, as I touched on last week, is at the forefront of the Colorado craft brewing industry. The Brewer's Association (with craft brew god Charlie Papazian) is located here, some of the best craft beer in the state is brewed here (and the surrounding areas), and now we have a beer festival to call our own. While the festival is not exclusively Boulder, or even Colorado, all of the local breweries are going to be there. It's interesting to me that the concert and beer festival are going to take place at separate times, with the beer festival first. Don't know if sticking around to take part in the concert series is up my alley, but I'm defiantly down with any sort of beer festival in BOCO.

Happy Friday!

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