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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quick Post: CU-CSU game will be shown on the mtn. (Read: Not shown on television)

I have long been an opponent of the CU-CSU "rivalry." It's crap, and CU has to lower itself to CSU's level to compete. Not necessarily that CU is "better" on the field, but that the disparity off the field (conference, alumni base, research grants, reading level, etc.) makes it foolish to stay tethered to them. So I noted with a sigh this morning that the "Rocky Mountain Showdown" (Dismissive wanking motion) will be "televised" on the mtn. network this year. Televised is in quotations because you cannot really be televised if only 8 people get the channel. Seriously, I know that CSU has the media rights for the game, and that the mtn. is desperate to get anyone, anywhere to watch their channel, but fuck them. At least simulcast it on my20 or some shit.

(The mtn. and this blog are neck and neck in total viewers)

A couple of things:
  1. The Big XII doesn't count the mtn. network (or for that matter any other cable access channels) as national broadcasts, so CU will lose money on the deal. (The Big XII compensates the individual schools for all nationally televised games they participate in. Not gonna lie, we could really use that money.) I bet no one factored that in when they were pushing to suck CSU's cock for the next decade.
  2. The mtn. is hoping that the large CU fan base will push their TV providers to provide the network on lower channel tiers. This wont work. Fans who don't get it will just go to a bar, or just forget to care. (Two 3-9 teams square off.... WHOPEEE) Seriously, 5 minutes after the game is over, the entirety of Buff Nation will go back to forgetting that the mtn. exists. 850 KOA just got a boost in ad revenue.
  3. This deal continues to be corporate welfare of the lowest order. What does CU gain in this deal. We're tied to a rivalry with diminishing interest (both CU's fault and CSU's), and should one, or both, Utah schools leave the Mountain West Conference, the Mountain West becomes an utter wasteland football-wise. What a joke.

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