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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Broncos Turd in the Buffs Punchbowl

The only man in Colorado not happy with the firing of Josh McDaniels has to be Mike Bohn.  On a day of ceremony and celebration in Buff-land, with Jon Embree running around Denver-Boulder talking luster and smash-mouth football (btw, when has a newly hired coach ever not talked smash-mouth football on the day he's hired?  Not that I don't believe Coach Embo when he says it...), Broncos owner Pat Bowlen unceremoniously cut ties with Coach J-Mac.

I heard from Vic and Gary on 87.7 this morning that the Broncos later called and apologized to Buffs AD Bohn; that it wasn't their intention to step on CU's parade.  Bullshit.  They could've waited another day.  No player altercation, no film study and practice sessions lost, no revenue projections show he needs to be fired on a Monday afternoon; nope Pat Bowlen wanted to cut into Monday Night Football, hell-or-high-water, and he didn't give a damn who he had to step on to do it.

Anyone who accuses me of being a Broncos fan obviously doesn't know me (honestly, I couldn't care any less about that franchise), so please take this with a grain of salt, but fuck Pat Bowlen.  Oh, to be sure, J-Mac needed to go, but did he need to go yesterday?  Instead of a days worth of genuinely positive CU coverage (the first in a while) the papers are filled with Broncos bullshit.  Everyone in the world knows J-Mac was a gonner, so this news shouldn't shock anyone, but if Mike Bohn were to put a lump of coal in Pat Bowlen's Christmas Stocking, I'd totally understand.


Rico said...

Yeah, all of my coworkers were asking me about the firing. I said, "yeah, it was going to happen after the Pat-Gate part deux and I hope he burns in hell." I then immediately launched into a diatribe on how Coach Embree rocks my socks - which immediately confused them.

But seriously, screw that mess happening on the same day. I might drive by Bowlen's house when I'm back in the 303 and drop a deucer in his yard

RumblinBuff said...

Agreed, we're all getting hammered and crapping on his lawn!