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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Post: CSU is embarassing us all

I like to poke fun at the Rammies from time to time, often with good reason, but now it's time to get serious (sort of...).  For a while now I've been hearing the pimp-tacular efforts of CSU's entre into the high-flautin world of internet education.  Besides becoming the safety school to the people who can't get into University of Phoenix OnLine, and it being a blatant cash grab, I've mostly ignored it, only pausing to mock the commercials when I stumble upon them.  Hey, it's not their main campus, afterall, and is just messing with the systems overall standing;  guffaws all around.

However, now they are lowering their admission to let in people with "exceptional talent," be they athletes or, of all things, musicians. 

Besides the shocking discovery that their admission standards could get any lower (to be fair, K(Juco)-State's were worse), I love the presumption to include band members on the list.  Oh, yes, this lowered standard is going to help a lot of musicians attend CSU; as long as they run a 4.4 40 and plan on switching from the clarinet to the football team.  Florida kids just aint as smart as they used to be, so in order to get that SEC country talent into FoCo they've had the temerity to impugn the band kids to try and cover their tracks.  For shame.

"There are lot of things a student can bring to a university that can't be measured on a numerical scale;" yep, like touchdowns.  "They (students not meeting placement criteria, yet physically gifted) add something to the overall milieu of the campus community;" he said while trying to hold a straight face.  Florida State welcomes you, CSU, to the world of compromised standards in the pursuit of football victories.

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