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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Beer Post: Banjo Billy's Boulder Brewing Tour

Hey, look!  A regular-style beer post!  Haven't done one of these in a while...

A few weeks back the Daily Camera ran an article about Banjo Billy's Boulder Brew Bus.  A collaboration between BB's and the West End Tavern, the Brew Bus is a great example of why I love Boulder's brewing culture so much.  Not only do we have a copious amount of breweries scattered around the area, but the business community embraces brewing culture, and helps incorporate it into Boulder's overall cultural offerings.

The tour, at $30 bucks a ride, offers the unique Banjo Billy touring experience with beer; in retrospect, it's amazing no one came up with this idea sooner.  The Bus stops at staple craft breweries Avery and Twisted Pine before swinging by my favorite Boulder Brewery: Upslope.  I consider Upslope a hidden gem, so to see them get included on something like this (the concept alone invites heavy over-commercialization if you're not careful) is very encouraging, both for the brewery, and the prospects of an authentic experience offered by the tour.

Checking the schedule, the tours run 2-3 Sunday nights a month, even throughout the winter (that could get a bit cold...).  The article makes mention of Northern and Southern Boulder routes.  The Northern route, when it becomes available next year will include Left Hand, Boulder Beer, and what I can only assume is the Longmont version of Oskar Blues.  The tour includes a free app at West End, a beer at each location, and a guided brewery tour at every stop.  Not too bad for $30.

I've taken one of Banjo Billy's main tours before, and I must say they are a fun way to kill off a summer evening.  With beer involved now, I may have to take a second dip.


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