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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What the what; Cliff Lee signs with...... the Phillies!?!!??

Apparently spitting on a prospective big free agent's wife isn't a good enticement plan for Yankee fans.  Cliff Lee is supposedly spurning both the Texas Rangers and the aforementioned spitting-crazed Yankee fanbase to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies for $30 million and 2 years less than he probably could've gotten ($120 million over 5 years).  The players association won't be happy about this (they never like to see players signing for less).

Talk about hometown discount; that 2009 stretch run with the Phillies must have made one hell of an impression.  But this is the same Phillies franchise who, not a year ago, decided they couldn't afford to re-sign the superlative lefty and unceremoniously traded him to Seattle.  Lee had been talking career-long deal with the Phillies before that trade; instead of being angry over the situation, he must have decided to make it right this time.
(Lee is shockingly headed back to Philadelphia.  At least my Phillies-loving roommate will be happy. 
From: ESPN)

To say that this move simply came out of nowhere would be an understatement.  For months now it was simply a matter of Texas or New York for Lee.  It was a foregone conclusion that he'd be in one of those two locations, and only one of those two locations.  Then, like a bolt of lightning the Phillies landed Lee to go with Roy Halladay (who they got to replace him), Roy Oswalt and 2008 World Series hero Cole Hammels.  I talked last year about the potential of last year's White Sox rotation, but holy-schlamoley this is a staff to be reckoned with.

How can the Phillies not be the front runners to win not only the National League, but the World Series as well?  If pitching truly does win championships, then we might as well crown the Phillies ass today.

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