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Monday, February 28, 2011

Buffs logo on Top Gear

As I always do in season, I semi-legally watched the newest episode (and last of the current season) of Top Gear last night.  If you haven't discovered the brilliance that is Top Gear, I can't suggest enough that you check it out.  I don't even particularly like car conversation that much, but the show is extremely well produced, and it's flat out great television.

Anyways, in the final segment of the Sunday night's show, presenter James May came to America to take a peek at NASA's new lunar rover.  While attempting to parallel park the multi-million dollar piece of equipment he sided up to an SUV with an interesting logo on the side:

GO BUFFS!  This is my own cropped screengrab from Top Gear UK episode 16x06

Top Gear is rumored to have over 350 million viewers, and each of them were exposed to Ralphie yesterday.  It is well known that CU is one of the leading providers of intellectual talent to NASA (head-lined by an astounding 18 astronauts), so it's not overly surprising that the Top Gear crew would randomly bump into a Buff'd out car.  I'm just glad whoever this Buff is decided to park there.

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