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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ISU wrap

Man is it good to thoroughly schellack a team.  February got off to a chilly bang for the Buffs as they whomped the fading ISU Cyclones 95-69.  Hell, even Trent Beckley saw some action as the game was essentially over before the Tuba Cheer.

CU cracked 90 points for the first time since the Western New Mexico game, and finally had the explosive offensive output that had been missing from the past 3 weeks.  The 6,800 fans who braved the icy weather were treated to a display of excellent shooting, running, and passing from a team that had largely gotten away from the high-flying offense that had been their calling card for much of the season.  CU beat ISU in every major statistical category, and it's a wonder the 26 point gap wasn't larger.  It was good to see the Buffs get their mojo back, and hopefully it can carry over into the daunting weekend matchup at the Mizzou Tigers.

Throughout most of the game I thought CU had the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best athletes on the court at any time.  CU was able to overpower the Cyclones almost at will.  This translated to a +13 rebounding advantage and an absolute dominance in the transition game.  CU ran, and ran well all night long, and seemed willing to out-hustle ISU for everything. ISU was left with only 7 scholarship players on their bench after the suspension of reserve forward Calvin Godfrey, and CU used transition basketball to wear the short-benched 'Clones to death.  By the 2nd half, ISU just looked tired and disinterested.  That explosion in the transition game allowed CU to go on runs of 16-0,17-0 and 22-3 at varying points in the game.  ISU just didn't have a chance to get back in the game with those kinds of runs waiting to burst out at any moment; it seems CU learned their lesson from the Baylor game.
Coach Boyle released the hounds, and Tomlinson and the Buffs ran the depleted 'Clones to death.  From: the BDC.

Alec Burks highlighted the evening.  By far the best athlete on the court, Burks dropped an impressive 19/10/5 line that included some amazing no-look assists and some dominating rebounds.  Additionally, Andre Roberson finished a point shy of a double-double with his 9/13 performance. 
Al was everywhere, doing his "Al thing" Tuesday night.  Love to see him fill up the stat sheet.  From: the BDC

Overall CU had 5 guys in double figures, and in the end they even shot better from behind the arc than the Cyclones who started ridiculously hot behind the sharp shooting of Dinate Garrett.  Garrett hit his first 5 3-point attempts (!), however CU locked him down on defense, and those ended up being the only shots he made in the game.

Good performance, boys.  Enjoy it for all of 15 minutes, then it's time to get ready for Mizzou again; they're laying in wait for Saturday's return match in Columbia.

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