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Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Grab Bag: That went as expected

I'm a little late with the bag today because, weirdly, my work allows me President's day off.  Either way, it's a free day of sleeping in and doing nothing!  In the bag today I'm going to wrap the KU game, mention some items from spring training, share my thoughts on the NBA All-star game, and touch on Melo's imminent departure for the NYC metropolitan area.

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KU wins 89-63 - No surprises on Saturday; CU got their final butt-whupping in Lawrence, never really threatening the energized Jayhawks.  What I didn't expect was the barrage of 3 pointers early and often from KU (8-12 in the first half) and Brady Morningstar (4-6) especially.  It's hard to gain any traction when the opponent is putting up 3 points every other trip down the floor.
I'm sure Coach Boyle would've wanted a more successful homecoming to alma mater KU.  From: The BDC
The Buffs couldn't keep KU from shooting 52% from the field, and the Jayhawks crashed the boards holding a +12 margin.  Throw in the Morris twins going 16-26 from the field, with 42 points and 24 rebounds (the pair was a rebound from Marcus aways from a double-double each), and you're just not going to win a game like that.  I could commence with the picking of nits (Ben Mills isn't ready for minutes in the Phog, etc), but the Buffs just walked into a damn buzzsaw.  Best to just refocus on Texas Tech for Wednesday night.

Chris Sale slated for bullpen - News this weekend was that the White Sox had re-slated lefty wunderkind Chris Sale for work in the pen.  It's still anyone's guess whether he or All-Star set-up man Matt Thornton will ascend to the closer role vacated by the departing girth of Bobby Jenks.  There's already some consternation from Sox circles about the imminent 3-lefty scenario in the pen, with the newly acquired Will Ohman sliding in alongside Sale and Thornton.  I'm all for Sale closing out games, he was lights-out incredible over the second half of last season, but I'm a little concerned that the final innings this year will be decidedly one sided on the mound.  I'll be watching this closely over the next month.

NBA All-Star game - I'm torn about the NBA version of the All-Star game.  I abhor meaningless exhibitions in just about any form, but there can be some fun moments from a exhibition of the worlds greatest basketball players.  Sure, there was no defense to be found Sunday night in LA, but, for minutes here and there, the barnstorming display of dunks, passes and open-floor offense was kind of cool to watch.  At least I could perceive effort on some level.  Could I take it for more than 20 or so minutes?  Hell, no.  But in the name of pure entertainment, you could do worse than 5-on-5 with the best players in the game.
There were moments of high-flying entertainment to be found Sunday night.  It's a much better event than the abysmal NFL version.  From: the Post

Melo as good as gone - That All-Star display Sunday night will probably go down as one of the final opportunities for Melo to do anything in the name of the Denver Nuggets.  The Post anointed the New York Knicks the front runner to nab the scoring-mad forward from the "Rich & Creamy's", while the Nets remain in the sweepstakes (for now).  After a week where some hope that Melo would stay in Denver was revived, he seems to be as good as gone right now.
Melo relaxing at Sunday's All-Star game.  He's got a big decision to make.  From the Post.
Interestingly, it seems that all the Nets accomplished by launching their bid at the end of last week was to push the Knicks into upping their offer.  Ultimately it's up to Melo to pick his destination, and every indication is that he only wants to play in Manhattan.  The Nuggets are looking to nab a package from New York that includes a #1 pick, a few interesting role players (Ray Felton, Wilson Chandler, and Danilo Gallinari) and the bloated expiring contract of former Bulls disaster Eddie Curry in exchange for Melo and 3 other players.

My only problem with this whole scenario is that CU and Denver legend Chauncey Billups is being thrown into negotiations like a 3rd-rate party favor.  Chauncey deserves better than this, and I could see him retiring after this season simply because he wants to stay home in the Mile-High city.

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Rico said...

Completely unrelated to article:

So, Rahm's the new mayor of Chi-town. Any word on if he's a Cubs fan?

RumblinBuff said...

Yeah, hes a true northsider and a damn Cub fan. I also wouldn't be surprised if he breaks the bank giving them funds to renovate the stadium.

That was the best thing about Daley in my opinion; he always told the Cubs to take a hike when they asked the City for help.